Monday , 19 March 2018
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The New Google Glass Could Look Like A Monocle ?

Get prepared for a Google Monocle. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has postulated a new patent to Google for a intensity arriving chronicle of Google Glass. The best approach to put it is that it doesn’t demeanour like a span of eyeglasses anymore — it’s a stately monocle that wraps around your head. Here’s an epitome from a patent: ... Read More »

Top Android news of a week: $161 tablet, Jolla halts deliveries, Motorola updates

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 for $161 with possibly Android or Wihdows If we can’t make your mind adult if we wish Android or Windows on your tablet, Xiaomi has we covered. The arriving Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 will be accessible shortly with options for possibly OS. The 7.9 in. inscription has an Atom processor and standard components for a bill ... Read More »

Google’s Plan To Accelerate The Mobile Web Will Go Live Early Next Year

Google has skeleton to accelerate your web browsing on mobile devices, and we’ll start saying a formula of those efforts as early as subsequent year, a association says. According to a new refurbish per Google’s “AMP” plan – or a “Accelerated Mobile Pages Project,” as it’s also famous – thousands of publishers have voiced seductiveness in carrying their pages optimized, including now ... Read More »

Google to exam Project Loon in US? FCC filing points to internet balloon commander in 2016

Could new US tests be on a cards for Project Loon internet balloons, seen here with Google co-founder Sergey Brin? Image: James Martin/CNET Google’s sly dialect of moonshots, Project X, has filed papers with a FCC that could advise it skeleton to start contrast Project Loon internet balloons in a US. Google is seeking an experimental radio license from a ... Read More »

Google To Donate Up To $1 Million Toward Education In Android Pay Charity Campaign

In an bid to kickstart a mobile payments solution, Android Pay, Google this morning announced a holiday debate that will see a tech hulk donating adult to a million dollars toward special preparation projects in partnership with nonprofit This is a initial time Google has ever worked with an NGO on a mobile payments campaign, a association notes. However, ... Read More »

​Google’s mountainous robbery link-removal requests strike 65 million final month

Copyright-related couple removals any week. Source: Google The series of piracy-related takedown requests Google receives from copyright owners and others has doubled over a past year, attack a new record of 65 million requests final month. The new figure comes from Google’s regularly updated Transparency Report, in that it publishes a series of takedown requests together with a reasons for ... Read More »

Trendquiz Is A Super Addictive Game Using Google Trends Data

I’m a fan of Google Trends. Whenever a new meme pops adult or some vital news breaks, we conduct there to check how meddlesome people are in pronounced information and either they’ve been meddlesome all along, when it got unequivocally hot…and when it became not. A elementary site called trendquiz uses Google Trends data to ask we on either we ... Read More »

Top Android news of a week: Android owners constant solely for iPhone, good $35 tablet, new Skype update

Rumor: Microsoft’s Android simulation not entrance for a while Project Astoria, Microsoft’s bid to concede Android apps using on Windows, is reportedly not going to occur for a while. Microsoft has not publicly settled this is a box though insiders explain it is reality. Source: OS News Black Friday: Kindle Fire inscription for $35 Black Friday is coming and retailers ... Read More »

Google Search Now Surfaces App-Only Content, Streams Apps From The Cloud When Not Installed On Your Phone

Google now is creation a large change in terms of a ability to aspect a calm found in mobile applications by Google search: it’s no longer requiring that apps have relating web calm in sequence to be indexed by Google’s hunt engine. In addition, when Google finds in-app calm that points to a mobile app you don’t already have commissioned on your smartphone, ... Read More »

Google opens adult Hangouts with guest entrance feature

Google is rolling out a new feature to a discuss and video conferencing focus Hangouts that will concede assembly organizers to entice participants who do not have Google accounts. Previously, anyone invited to join a Hangouts assembly though an existent Google comment was stirred to emanate one. With a update, a non-Google comment hilt can join a discuss directly from ... Read More »

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