Wednesday , 15 August 2018
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Artificial intelligence and language

The concept of artificial intelligence has been around for a long time. We’re all familiar with HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, C-3PO from Star Wars and, more recently, Samantha from Her. In written fiction, AI characters show up in stories from writers like Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and Isaac Asimov. Sometimes it seems like it’s touched on ... Read More »

Top Android news of the week: Chrome 49, bigger Marshmallow, Android N

Marshmallow adoption gaining ground The latest Android distribution numbers are out and they show that Marshmallow use is growing. It’s only at 2.3 percent but that’s a jump over last month’s 1.2 percent in use. This is very low, especially considering Android N was released to developers this week Source: Android and Me Android N preview hits developers’ hands Google ... Read More »

Google invests $30 million in European news tech companies

Pouring gas on the bonfire of news tech, Google recently announced that it has invested more than €27 million ($30 million) into projects spanning the European news tech scene. The fund’s goal is to ‘help stimulate innovation in digital journalism’ over the next three years, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said at an event in Paris last week. This batch of investments is the first from a €150 million ... Read More »

Google I/O conference planned for May 18, registration starts March 8

Google will show its latest services and products to developers at its Google I/O conference on May 18 – May 20. The company announced on Tuesday developers can register online for the chance to buy tickets to Google I/O between March 8 and March 10. The keynote address draws the most interest from the public, as Google will make its ... Read More »

Google Decouples Play Games From Google+, Lets Gamers Choose Their Own Names And Avatars

Until today, you needed a Google+ account to use Google Play Games, Google’s online gaming service for bringing online multiplayer gaming, video recordings and social features like profiles and leaderboards to Android games. Today, Google is launching an update to Play Games, however, that removes this requirement. All you need to sign up now is a regular Google account and instead ... Read More »

Top Android news of the week: Skype group video, Google to control OS updates, new budget tablets

Marshmallow rolling out for Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Android 6.0 has started rolling out for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The update has a host of improvements for the Edge line, including better use of the edge display on the S6 Edge. Source: Android Community Three new Archos tablets launched starting at $107 French company Archos has launched three new ... Read More »

Google’s driverless cars: Now it powers up wireless charging tests

As more electronic vehicles hit the roads, traditional charging stations pose a potential bottleneck. Image: Google Google has been trialling two wireless-charging systems for self-driving cars at its headquarters and at a former military base where it experiments with vehicles. The two systems come from US wireless-charging system makers Hevo Power and Momentum Dynamics, according to FCC filings spotted by ... Read More »

How To Fix Tech’s H-1B Problem

I’m a Canadian who has spent a sizable fraction of his adult life working in the USA, so immigration, especially as it relates to the tech industry, is a pretty personal subject. I was at a Waterloo Engineering alumnus event in San Francisco this week (it turns out there are almost 2,000 of us in the Bay Area) and, inevitably, ... Read More »

Top Android news of the week: Pizza and the Echo, podcast support, HTC tanks again

First-gen Amazon Fire TV to get Alexa support Amazon is bringing Fire OS 5 to early Fire TV which means it will work with the Alexa software used in the Echo. Previously only the 2nd generation Fire TV ran Fire OS 5 so this is a move by Amazon to extend the latest OS and Echo support to earlier devices. ... Read More »

Google Turns Its iOS App Into A Game With A New 3D Touch-Enabled Trivia Button

Google has added a playful feature to its iOS application that lets you kick off a random trivia search – aka, the “I’m Feeling Curious” search feature – just by hard pressing on its app icon. The feature takes advantage of 3D Touch, which means it only works on Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices. After tapping on the “I’m ... Read More »

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