Monday , 24 September 2018
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Stratos Sells To Ciright One To Avoid Collapse

Stratos isn’t dead yet. The Michigan-based startup just signed an agreement with Ciright One LLC to take over the fledgling company. Under their agreement, Ciright One will manage and fulfill all outstanding consumer and commercial and Thiago Olson, Stratos co-founder, ensures me that Stratos Cards will continue to function as normal. There is a plan to reinstate customer support in ... Read More »

Which hoverboard should I buy? Hoverboard buying advice

Hoverboards, mini-Segways, Swegways or self-balancing boards – whatever you call them, they’re in demand in the UK at the moment and set to be a big seller this Christmas. As with any new product on the market, you can buy them almost anywhere in a variety of shapes and sizes, but what is the best hoverboard for you? Can you get ... Read More »

From Half-Baked To Overcooked — The “Revolutionary” Evolution Of Crowdfunding

Hi, I’m the founder and CEO of SpongeBath and we are running an exciting Kickstarter campaign: SpongeBath — The Revolutionary SpongeHolder. It’s the first designer sponge holder that will store, clean sanitize sponges. Its patented technology will make homes cleaner safer. I’m calling it. Peak crowdfunding. The ratio of overcooked concepts to ideas that might genuinely be called ‘revolutionary’ has long been skewed on ... Read More »

Cheapest 4G smartphones of 2015/2016: The 20 best budget 4G phones

The cheapest 4G smartphones of 2015/2016. The 20 best budget 4G phones. Best cheap 4G smartphones reviewed, cheapest 4G smartphones. With 4G firmly in place in the UK, we round up the cheapest 4G enabled smartphones you can buy in 2015/2016. With 4G LTE networks firmly in place in the UK offering faster download speeds, here’s our list of the ... Read More »

The Breitling Exospace B55 Is The Latest Luxury Smartwatch

Breitling, maker of fine watches for people who fly airplanes (or would like to fly airplanes), has just released the Exospace B55, a smartwatch that can relay messages from your phone and includes a high-end quartz movement with advanced timing features. This isn’t a smart watch per se so I’m calling it a “notification” watch or notiwatch. Go ahead and ... Read More »

EE recalls all Power Bars

Following a recall of a batch of its Power Bars back in August, EE has now issued a recall for all of its EE Power Bars because there have been a number of further incidents of severe overheating that could cause a fire safety risk or burns. See also: Best power banks 2015 UK: best portable chargers for smartphones and ... Read More »

The 13 Best Bluetooth Speakers And Audio Gizmos For Music Lovers

Music lovers can only get so many copies of Adele’s 25 over the holidays before they start to have a tough time faking smiles. Below are a few of my favorite Bluetooth speaker selections from 2015, as well as some of the top music gizmos chosen by our resident social media guru (and fellow music lover) Travis. Whether you’re looking for hardware, music subscriptions ... Read More »

Best hoverboards to buy in the UK 2015

Here’s a list of the best hoverboards / AirWheels / swegways / self-balancing boards (or whatever you call them) that you can buy in the UK in 2015. Before you choose one of the hoverboards we’ve listed here, please read our buying advice which includes the latest news and the UK hoverboard law. And if you’re looking for a great ... Read More »

6 Nerdy Guy Things To Wear That Won’t Make You Look Like A Nerd

All of the gifts in our guy’s clothing and accessory guide look great and have enough of a nerdy frisson to make you a hit at holiday parties. Some of them are expensive – a $38K watch is a stretch – but most are well within reach and well worth your attention. Read More »

Hands on with HTC Vive virtual reality headset

Next up was Arizona Sunshine, a typical first-person zombie shoot ‘em up currently in development. Although the graphics weren’t as polished as with Elite: Dangerous and Aperture (see next slide), this didn’t make much of a difference to me as the gameplay was both immersive and exhilarating. Unlike with other experiences, Arizona Sunshine displayed two hands in-game in place of ... Read More »

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