Monday , 19 March 2018
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Twitter May Introduce An Algorithmic Timeline And People Are Losing Their Minds

Remember Twitter? Or, at least, that would seem to be the sentiment from parts of Twitter that are now shocked that the company is considering switching to an algorithmic timeline, according to a BuzzFeed report. Everyone panic! This changes everything! Twitter will never be the same. #RIPTwitter. There’s even a top trending hashtag for it. Update: CEO Jack Dorsey said in a Tweetstorm that ... Read More »

Facebook Shutters Its Parse Developer Platform

Here’s a surprise: Facebook is closing its Parse developer platform. After appropriation a service, that during a time mostly focused on mobile developers, for a reported $85 million in 2013, Facebook incited Parse into one of a pivotal developer services. Parse will still work until Jan 28, 2017, so developers have time to pierce their products over to other platforms. That will ... Read More »

Facebook Updates Audience Network To Include Support For Mobile Web

For Facebook, ads are still kind when it comes to articulate about a bottom line, and peerless to that success are a platforms that concede a association to offer a personalized ads opposite a web. Audience Network, that was formerly usually accessible in mobile apps, has been Facebook’s categorical apparatus in a expanding its ad network’s reach. Today, Facebook announced that Audience Network would ... Read More »

Facebook Yells “Sportsball!”

Facebook wasn’t built for sports. Its filtered, non-chronological News Feed done it tough to follow real-time gibberish about a game. Twitter’s feed is good for it. But out of Facebook’s 1.55 billion users, there are a LOT of wild sports fans who aren’t on Twitter. Facebook’s not indeed perplexing to take Twitter’s hardcore users as many as box it out ... Read More »

Facebook Is Bringing 3D Touch To Your Timeline

Facebook is bringing 3D Touch to its Timeline, a association says – definition that users of Apple’s latest devices, a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, will shortly be means to press on links, profiles and more, in sequence to preview calm though carrying to navigate divided from their stream spot. This previewing feature, dubbed “peek and pop,” was introduced final ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger Hits 800M Users: 2016 Strategy And Predictions

Kill SMS, parent a discuss bot platform, move friends together offline, urge synthetic intelligence, and pleasure people. That’s Facebook Messenger’s roadmap for 2016 now that it has 800 million monthly active users, adult from 700 million in June, 600 Million in March, and 500 million final November. That creates Messenger a fastest flourishing app of 2015, according to Nielsen, and ... Read More »

Facebook’s ‘Mentions’ App For Celebrities And Other Verified Users Comes To Android

News usually in that’s strictly for a one-percenters among us: Facebook Mentions, a use for accurate users of a tellurian amicable network, is now accessible for users with Android devices. The app isn’t open to all, we need that fugitive blue parasite of verification/fame to get it. That’s since it’s designed to give accurate users a approach to simply share open standing ... Read More »


In a arise of the recent suspension and flourishing calls for henceforth banning‘s app(called Free Basics) in India, it seems a course-correction is now destined for a initiative. A step in a right instruction was announcing the developer height in May 2015, permitting developers to contention their web apps for consideration. The thought was that a Free Basics group would value a web ... Read More »

Facebook’s Secret Chat SDK Lets Developers Build Messenger Bots

M won’t be a usually synthetic comprehension on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has given some developers entrance to an unannounced Chat SDK that allows them to build interactive practice and “bots” in Messenger for shopping, engagement travel, and more, sources with approach believe of a SDK confirm. The Chat SDK allows developers to emanate bots that users can send calm messages ... Read More »

Be The Nerd — Quit Facebook

If we trust a start story decorated in Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network, a immature Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook in sequence to meet girls. Creative novella or not, a real-life Zuck — who recently became a father to a baby lady called Max — wants the universe to know about his distant some-more on-going views on women. And that of march is ... Read More »

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