Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Facebook Tests “Click For More” To Boost Video Views On Desktop

Facebook says it now gets around 8 billion video views on a height any day, and a amicable network has made no tip of a skeleton to make it an even bigger partial of a knowledge in a future. Now Facebook is contrast a new “click for more” underline for desktop users of a service. Currently, clicking not usually on a difference — ... Read More »

Reminder From Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey: “First To Market Is Hard”

On a day before Christmas, Oculus owners Palmer Luckey took to Twitter to amp folks adult about what’s to come someday in Q1 subsequent year, a consumer chronicle of a Rift. There are tons of questions around a product itself including guesses on how Oculus will indeed govern a placement of a Rift. The strange owners of a association has ... Read More »

Indian Regulator Temporarily Suspends Facebook’s Free Basics

Free Basics, a use by Facebook beginning, is carrying a severe week in India. First, an email debate by a amicable media network was criticized for being clumsy and misleading. Now Reliance Communications, one of Facebook’s partners, has concluded to temporarily hindrance Free Basics on a network after receiving a ask from a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The Times ... Read More »

Facebook Starts Rolling Out Support For Apple’s Live Photos

It’s been usually underneath 3 months given Apple debuted “Live Photos” with a iPhone 6s and, solemnly though surely, large third parties are anticipating ways to confederate them. Tumblr picked them adult just days ago… and now Live Photos are removing support from a biggest print pity savage of them all: Facebook. Starting with an refurbish attack this morning, Facebook ... Read More »

Nielsen: Facebook Remains The Top App Of 2015, But Messenger Was The Fastest-Growing

Facebook this year continued to reason a series one position as a tip app commissioned on U.S. smartphones formed on a normal series of singular users, according to a new news out this week from Nielsen, yet a mobile messaging focus clocked in as a fastest-growing app of 2015. Having foreseen the change from some-more open amicable networking to private communications, Facebook forced ... Read More »

Facebook Unlocks Livestream Marketing Stunts From Verified Pages

Here comes real-time video marketing. Today Facebook gave all Verified Pages the ability to broadcast on a Periscope-style Live feature. Sports teams, TV shows, bands, and brands can now start a Live feed, take comments from viewers, and a video will be saved for replays after a tide finished. Facebook creatively launched Live for celebrities in August, before opening it ... Read More »

Facebook Takes On Angie’s List And Yelp With New Site For Finding Top-Rated Local Businesses

Facebook is sensitively contrast a new underline that will approach users to a best-rated and reviewed internal use providers in their area. At a easy-to-access URL, a amicable network has gathered a searchable office of veteran use providers, like contractors, painters, plumbers, doctors’ offices, automobile correct techs, child caring providers, pet groomers, salons, eventuality planners, decorators, and many more. The ... Read More »

College Campuses Are The New Test Facilities For Emerging Technology

College campuses have prolonged been sites of origination and technology. Housing higher investigate and growth facilities, a engorgement of advisory resources and shining thinkers, higher-ed institutions are healthy hubs for formulating next-gen systems. We saw a initial ubiquitous purpose mechanism emerge from a University of Pennsylvania in 1946, a initial retractable, locking seatbelt come from a University of Minnesota in ... Read More »

Facebook Gets An Offline Mode

Facebook this week said it will start rolling out new record that allows users on slower mobile connectors to still see new stories in their News Feed, even when on a bad tie or when they’re incompetent to strech Facebook’s servers. In addition, users will be means to criticism on posts when they’re offline, and those comments will be posted ... Read More »

With No European Safe Harbor, Facebook Faces Privacy Complaints On Multiple Fronts

Facebook’s slightest favorite Austrian, lawyer and remoteness campaigner, Max Schrems, has updated his information insurance complaints opposite a amicable network hulk in a light of a new EJC strikedown of a Safe Harbor transatlantic data-sharing agreement. Schrems has now filed an updated complaint opposite Facebook with a Irish information insurance management — where his strange censure was filed behind in June 2013. ... Read More »

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