Saturday , 16 December 2017
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Facebook confidence arch rants about misled “algorithm” backlash

“I am observant a ton of coverage of a new issues driven by stereotypes of a employees and attacks opposite fantasy, strawman tech cos” wrote Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos on Saturday in a disorder tweetstorm. He claims reporters mistake a complexity of assertive feign news, flout Facebook for meditative algorithms are neutral when a association knows they aren’t, ... Read More »

Search and amicable media was filled with clickbait and promotion in a arise of Vegas shooting

In a arise of what is now a misfortune mass-shooting in U.S. history, thousands of people branch to amicable media for information on a maturation review progressing this morning would have found many of a tip posts on many of a vital websites to be prohibited garbage. Letting an algorithm winnow links from a cesspool of internet commentary, and afterwards ... Read More »

Facebook can clear your comment with facial recognition

Facebook has a possess chronicle of Apple’s Face ID. If we get sealed out of your Facebook account, a association is contrast a approach to recover entrance by regulating your face to determine your identity. That could be generally useful if you’re somewhere that we can’t accept two-factor authentication SMS, like on a craft or while roving abroad, or if ... Read More »

Delta to offer giveaway in-flight use of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage

Starting Oct 1, passengers on many Delta will have giveaway entrance to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage. To entrance a feature, a newcomer will have to record into Delta’s in-flight wifi portal powered by Gogo. This is initial time an airline has offering such a use via a fleet. Traditional SMS messages will not work. Only a aforementioned mobile messaging ... Read More »

Uber usually has itself to censure for London permit loss

The tech industry’s over-processed supply of irony competence not be adequate to use all a ramifications of Uber being nude of a London license by a city’s float regulator. Uber advocates were immediately scrambling to bust out a conservative clichés — portrayal a regulator as “anti-innovation” and claiming London is now ‘closed for digital business’. (A indicate that competence have ... Read More »

Thoughts on Facebook’s 9 skeleton to quell choosing interference

Election nosiness is Facebook’s subsequent adversary, and it’s got a devise to conflict it usually like it did with feign news. Solutions to both these scourges come too late to forestall tampering that competence have aided Donald Trump winning a presidency — though during slightest Facebook is owning adult to a problem, operative with a supervision and starting to self-regulate. ... Read More »

Europe says “all options on table” for taxing tech giants

The European Commission is preparing a list of legal options on how to make digital multinationals such as Amazon, Facebook and Google pay more tax, Reuters reports. The paper is being prepared for an EU summit taking place on September 29, and will be published by the time the Digital Summit takes place. Pierre Moscovici, the Commissioner for economic and ... Read More »

Facebook and Microsoft combine to facilitate conversions from PyTorch to Caffe2

Facebook and Microsoft announced ONNX, the Open Neural Network Exchange this morning in respective blog posts. The Exchange creates it easier for appurtenance training developers to modify models between PyTorch and Caffe2 to revoke a loiter time between investigate and productization. Facebook has prolonged confirmed a eminence between a FAIR and AML appurtenance training groups. Facebook AI Research (FAIR) handles draining corner ... Read More »

Facebook’s new Watch video heart rolls out to U.S. users

Facebook’s latest pull into video is now live. On Thursday, a new Watch tab popped adult for U.S. users as a underline starts a correct roll-out. The Watch add-on sits in some reward Facebook genuine estate, only underneath a News Feed and Messenger buttons on a categorical desktop navigation menu. On mobile, a underline hangs out during a bottom of a ... Read More »

Facebook will compare Harvey service donations adult to $1 million

As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to swamp a Texas Gulf Coast, Facebook users have one some-more reason to present to service efforts. Facebook announced Tuesday that it would compare a Harvey disaster service supports lifted by a users adult to $1 million. To minister match-eligible supports to Harvey liberation efforts on a platform, Facebook users can follow a summary on ... Read More »

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