Wednesday , 24 May 2017
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DeepMind NHS health information understanding had ‘no official basis’

DeepMind’s initial data-sharing understanding with a UK’s National Health Service looks to be entrance resolutely unstuck. The partnership attracted debate final year, when a range of a behind-the-scenes data-sharing was suggested by a New Scientist investigation. The privately identifiable health information of some 1.6 million NHS patients was used to develop an app for a early showing of a kidney condition. Now the studious information ... Read More »

Europe wants to do some-more to boost cross-border information flows

The European Commission has published a mid-term review of a Digital Single Market (DSM) plan that’s directed during violation down barriers to e-commerce and fostering digital activity opposite a region. Its priority areas at this theatre are three-fold: Doing some-more to inspire a giveaway upsurge of (non-personal) information opposite European boards Beefing adult informal cybersecurity defenses Tackling online platforms that step ... Read More »

French presidential frontrunner Macron’s emails leaked after purported hack

Private emails from a debate of a heading claimant in France’s presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, have been posted online by an different source. The politician reliable a trickle in a statement, warning that this was, like other new hacks, an try to meddle with a choosing and that built calm was churned in with genuine emails. “The ‘En Marche!’ transformation ... Read More »

SpyBiotech, that creates a ‘superglue’ for vaccines, raises £4M from GV and Oxford

The startup bug has strike a universe of biotechnology, and a latest plant is a business that is building a “super glue,” coincidentally, for bug-combating vaccines. SpyBiotech — a startup spun out of Oxford University that has grown a proceed to bond antigens to viruses and other particles to make vaccines — has announced £4 million ($5 million) in appropriation from GV, a Alphabet/Google-backed VC, ... Read More »

Backed by LocalGlobe, London-based Flourish launches information visualization platform

Flourish, a new startup out of London, has launched what it describes as a information visualization platform, designed to make it easier for companies, including media organisations, to visualize and tell stories by data. The association is also disclosing $1 million in subsidy from Robin and Saul Klein’s LocalGlobe, and U.S.-based Founder Collective. Founded by ex-data publisher Duncan Clark and ... Read More »

Cognitiv+ is regulating AI for agreement research and tracking

Another legal tech startup entrance out of a UK: Cognitiv+ is requesting synthetic comprehension to automate agreement research and management, charity businesses a approach to automate staying on tip of authorised risks, obligations and changing regulatory landscapes. Co-founder Vasilis Tsolis competence therefore be forgiven for viewing Brexit as a sizable opportunity for his startup — nonetheless he some-more tactfully describes it as a ... Read More »

TechCrunch Meetup and Pitch-Off during Mobile World Congress, Feb 28

TechCrunch is holding a Mini-Meetup during Mobile World Congress, on Tuesday Feb. 28. We will reason a “Pitch-Off” of startups during a event. Grab tickets here. You can request to representation your Barcelona-based startup here. We’ll name approximately 10 good Barcelona-based startups to explain to the row of VCs and TechCrunch editors in 60 seconds or reduction because their startup ... Read More »

France creates a special visa for entrepreneurs, engineers and investors

Just in time before a 2017 presidential choosing in France, a stream French supervision wanted to announce one final thing to encourage French startups. The French Tech Visa is a new module for unfamiliar tech talent. It’s an easier approach to get a four-year visa for we and your family. France’s Minister of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire teased ... Read More »

Meet TechCrunch during Davos

The World Economic Forum — hold in a towering encampment of Davos, Switzerland each year — is increasingly attended by record companies. And this year a thesis of ‘responsible governance’ for a WEF discussion is clearly going to be high on a agenda, generally in a epoch of ‘fake news’ and Brexit. Software competence be ‘eating a world’ though we’re ... Read More »

Crowdsourced plan aims to supplement text-to-speech to Wikipedia

An open source devise hopes to pull on crowdsourced contributions to make Wikipedia some-more permitted by adding text to debate synthesis that will enable users of a online thesaurus to have portions of a content review out to them. The debate singularity platform is being grown in Europe by KTH Royal Institute of Technology university in Stockholm, Sweden, which was approached by Wikipedia to rise a feature on comment ... Read More »