Saturday , 22 September 2018
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Here’s What Is Next For Windows 10

Microsoft has a big Windows 10 boost out today. The company is calling it the “first major update” to Windows 10 for both normal PCs, and tablets. At its most basic, Microsoft wants to better position Windows 10 — its new operating system — for both consumers and enterprise clients. If it fails to find adoption with either, the success of the recently ... Read More »

ServiceNow prepares to grow product line where needed

ServiceNow is on the continuous look out to fill gaps in its product line, according to the company’s chief technology officer Allan Leinwand. In July 2014, ServiceNow acquired Israeli startup Neebula Systems for $100 million for its ServiceWatch product. According to Leinwand, Neebula Systems’ ServiceWatch filled a gap where the company was lacking, which was being able to service the ... Read More »

Tibco courts ‘citizen developers’ with two new tools

One of the dominant trends in enterprise software today is the empowerment of business users, and Tibco made two product announcements on Tuesday that play into that. First and foremost, Tibco Simplr is a new service that aims to bring automation capabilities to the nonexpert knowledge worker. First discussed by Tibco last year, Simplr aims to help such professionals automate tasks in just ... Read More »

Drone Maker DJI Takes Minority Stake In Iconic Swedish Camera Company Hasselblad

On the heels of a $75 million investment from Accel, Chinese drone king DJI is putting some of its funding to use by making some investments of its own. The company this week announced that it would be taking a stake in Hasselblad, a camera maker from Sweden that focuses (!) on high quality equipment, often used in more challenging environments. This ... Read More »

Teradata to restructure, sell marketing software unit, bet on cloud

Teradata said it is cutting costs and aiming to sell its marketing software unit as its core data warehousing business slows. The company reported third quarter earnings and outlined how it is “making transformational changes” that include offering software-only versions of its products and being available on Amazon Web Services in the first quarter. Teradata has typically sold integrated data ... Read More »

Amazon will open London datacenter by early 2017

Amazon Web Services will open its third European datacenter cluster by early 2017, CTO Werner Vogels said Friday. The move will “provide … strong data sovereignty to local users,” Vogels wrote in a blog post. Data sovereignty — or which country has jurisdiction over data — is a hot topic in the European Union, where the processing of citizens’ personal ... Read More »

The pace of innovation is accelerating, says bank

Predictions about future job growth are getting harder to make. Innovation is happening so quickly in so many areas that it’s making Moore’s Law look sluggish. Moore’s Law states that computing power will roughly double every two years. But advances in robotics, analytics, sensor technology, 3D printing and other technologies are “radically accelerating” this pace of innovation. Bank of America ... Read More »

Slack Improves Slash Commands So You Can Call A Lyft And More From Inside Slack

Slack just unveiled a new way for app developers to create slash commands, letting users interface with their apps from within Slack channels. After being turned on via the “Add to Slack button“, these commands will allow users to do things like call a Lyft or ask FourSquare for lunch recommendations, all from within a channel or private message. For ... Read More »

Chef says its new tool can deliver your code quicker and with fewer bugs

Chef CEO Barry Crist. Image: Chef Chef, the workflow automation tool company, has announced the general availability of its DevOps tool Chef Delivery. The product was initially launched in April. Chef Delivery features shared pipeline and workflow applications for the complete software development process, from writing initial code to testing and full production. It aims to reinforce DevOps best practices ... Read More »

IBM pumps up its hybrid-cloud muscle with Gravitant buy

The hybrid cloud is widely expected to be a key force in enterprise computing in the coming years, so it’s no wonder vendors are scrambling to bolster their capabilities on that front. Case in point: IBM on Tuesday bought Gravitant, a maker of brokerage software designed ease the purchase and management of software and services across mixed cloud platforms. Terms ... Read More »

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