Sunday , 23 September 2018
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Salesforce and Google are the latest pals in the cloud

Salesforce and Google inked a deal today that could provide easier integration between Salesforce tools and Google’s G Suite and Google Analytics. It also named Google as a preferred cloud provider for its core services as part of its international infrastructure expansion. The preferred provider part might sound familiar because in May, 2016, Salesforce signed a similar deal with AWS ... Read More »

MINIX: ​Intel’s hidden in-chip operating system

Intel Core i9: It’s not whether you need 12 cores, but whether you’ll pay for them The processor market is heating up once again, with AMD and Intel back to having “core and speed” wars. But if the latest leak is accurate, Intel’s next-generation silicon is likely to be out of most people’s budget. Read More Maybe you’re not paranoid. ... Read More »

Cisco Spark Assistant bringing voice commands to meeting hardware

Anyone who has used modern meeting software knows it’s still fraught with challenges trying to get everyone into the meeting, futzing with the hardware or software and smoothly integrating external documents like PowerPoint presentations. Cisco is trying to improve and simplify the meeting experience with voice commands, and today it introduced Cisco Spark Assistant, a voice controlled interface for Cisco ... Read More »

UX needs to operate under a new set of rules within the Internet of Things

User experience, an important part of software design, is suddenly getting very complicated. Because the Internet of Things requires a different set of rules when it comes to delivering a superior UX. Photo: Joe McKendrick Until now, developers and designers worried about what was happening on the screen with their apps — mainly the user interface, and the speed of ... Read More »

Expense report analysis startup AppZen raises $13M to build a smarter back office

Expense reports aren’t the most exciting thing in the universe. But when you reach the scale of say, Amazon, and have tens of thousands of employees, making sure everything comes through smoothly and the right things are being billed to the company could mean the difference in millions of dollars to your bottom line. And when Anant Kale walks into ... Read More »

Spotinst delivers spot cloud infrastructure services at discount prices

Cloud infrastructure vendors offer a range of prices for their services including aggressively priced virtual machines available on the spot market on an as-available basis. The catch is that the vendor can shut down these VMs whenever they happen to need them. Spotinst, a Tel Aviv-based startup, developed a service to buy and distribute that available excess capacity. Today, the ... Read More »

Microsoft hits its $20 billion annual run rate goal for commercial cloud in strong Q1

Microsoft hit its $20 billion commercial cloud annual revenue run rate target and delivered better-than-expected first quarter results. The commercial cloud target was set its $20 billion annual run rate goal in April 2015. For those keeping score at home, Microsoft’s commercial cloud rollup includes Azure; Office 365 business services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Microsoft Teams); ... Read More »

Techstars alums will now get discounted WeWork space

WeWork and Techstars are buddying up, the organizations announced today. Techstars, the global accelerator program responsible for companies like ClassPass, Sphero and Digital Ocean, will be bringing its program into the WeWork community by running its curriculum at WeWork locations in Toronto, Boston, Kansas City, and New York City. As a part of the deal, Techstars alumni will now get ... Read More »

​Taxation probe highlights government IT obstruction

Australian Labor Party MP Julie Owens has revealed during a Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue hearing on Friday that IT restrictions mandated by government have prevented her office from updating its accounting software in over 15 years. “I have MYOB … I’ve had it for like 15 years,” she said during the House of Representatives probe. “My old data ... Read More »

Facebook’s Workplace, now at 30,000 orgs, adds Chat desktop apps and group video chat

It’s been once year since Workplace, Facebook’s social network designed specifically for businesses and other organizations, came out of beta to take on the likes of Slack, Atlassian, Microsoft and others in the world of enterprise collaboration. Now, with 30,000 organizations using Workplace across some 1 million groups (more than double the figures Facebook published April), Facebook is stepping on the gas ... Read More »

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