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What everyone gets wrong about touchscreen keyboards

I’ve got good news and bad news about the future of laptops. The bad news: We’re all getting laptops that have a touchscreen on the bottom instead of a keyboard. I know. You hate the idea. That’s why it’s the bad news. The good news is that these touchscreen keyboards won’t look, act or work the way you think they ... Read More »

Mingis on Tech: What’s up with Android P?

Computerworld | Mar 15, 2018 Oreo hasn’t even rolled out for many users, and yet Android P – Oreo’s still unnamed successor – is already on the horizon. Android expert JR Raphael offers insights on what’s coming, and why Android upgrades always seem to run late. Read More »

The collaboration conundrum: Companies look to consolidate around team chat apps

ORLANDO, Fla. – The wide variety of collaboration and communications tools now available to businesses can help connect employees in different locations, but can also result in fragmented and siloed conversations.  With that in mind, a new breed of team collaboration chat apps has emerged in recent years that, in many cases, incorporate video and voice call functionality alongside text-based ... Read More »

Microsoft forces Win10 1709 upgrades on PCs set to restrict telemetry

Just when you thought Win10 Fall Creators Update was finally starting to look stable, Microsoft pulled another tone-deaf move. Reports have been pouring in from people who were forced to upgrade from Win10 1607 (the Anniversary Update) or Win10 1703 (the First Spring Creators Update) to the latest version of the last edition of Windows, Win10 1709. Woody Leonhard Poster ... Read More »

GDPR deadline looms: The price and penalties | Salted Hash Ep 20

CSO Online | Feb 27, 2018 With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline fast approaching, host Steve Ragan explores the implications of noncompliance for companies — and possible penalties — with Greg Reber, founder/CEO of AsTech Consulting. Read More »

Clever, redefined

By Sharky, Computerworld | Feb 23, 2018 3:00 AM PT Read More »

Mingis on Tech: Apple’s latest iOS healthcare push

Computerworld | Feb 21, 2018 When iOS 11.3 arrives, it will allow a limited number of users to more easily access and share healthcare data – part of Apple’s ongoing push to connect patients and doctors. Here’s what that means and why Apple might actually succeed. Read More »

Chat happens: Your guide to 10 group-chat services

Everyone knows the secret to success — personal and business alike — is good communication. But in what form? If you’re trying to communicate with a group in real time, you’re no doubt familiar with the old standby: conference calls. You know: those mind-numbing phone meetings in which talkers overlap, voice quality is terrible, half the people aren’t paying attention ... Read More »

Microsoft wants to use blockchain to secure your identity

Microsoft is working to create a blockchain-based, decentralized digital identity management platform that would allow users to own and secure access to their online persona via an encrypted database hub. Over the past year, Microsoft said it has been exploring how to use Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies to create new types of digital identities designed to enhance personal privacy, security ... Read More »

What the virtual assistant battle is really all about, in a single word

With Apple’s better-late-than-never arrival into the smart speaker market this month, there’s been lots of talk about the state of the smart assistant — and why, ultimately, all these companies are working so hard to get you talking to their technology. From Siri to Alexa and Google Assistant to Bixby (yes, even Bixby), the virtual assistants are all soldiers in ... Read More »

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