Thursday , 16 August 2018
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Slack’s Enterprise Grid gets security and compliance enhancements

Slack has unveiled a raft of new security and compliance features aimed at boosting the appeal of its Enterprise Grid product among IT leaders and admins. While Slack has tended to be adopted on a team-by-team basis, Enterprise Grid offers centralized management of the team chat application on a company-wide basis and supports up to 500,000 users. A year after ... Read More »

How blockchain could solve the internet privacy problem

Fintech firms, software makers, telecom providers and other businesses have joined forces develop a blockchain-based network that will enable anyone to exchange digital credentials online and without the risk of unintentionally exposing any private data. The companies are part of the Sovrin Foundation, a new nonprofit organization now developing the Sovrin Network, which could enable anyone to globally exchange pre-verified ... Read More »

Mind-reading tech is here (and more useful than you think!)

Here’s a thought: Mind-reading software is not only ready for commercial use, but it will actually be of practical use in everyday business applications. But wait, you say. That’s creepy, invasive and useless. Read this column, though, and you just might change your mind about that. (And if you do, your gadgets will know.) The missing ingredient Futurists have predicted ... Read More »

Microsoft wants you on Edge, even if it has to trick you

Microsoft is embarking on a stealth campaign to force you to use its failing Edge browser, incorporating in the big Windows 10 upgrade that is due out this fall tactics that a couple of decades ago might have run afoul of antitrust regulators. Now, though, rather than confront the company, federal regulators are likely to give a big yawn — ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Microsoft’s reorganization: Anticipating a massive personal computer cloud evolution

I cannot recall a time when there was more change going on in the technology sector. The latest massive Microsoft reorganization is a case in point. While Windows is dropping from the central platform for Microsoft—a move that was expected when Satya Nadella took over leadership from Steve Ballmer—it’s the blending of hardware and Azure that will be the most ... Read More »

Advice from a CISO: Blockchain still searching for its tipping point

CISOs are the business leaders everyone is interested in hearing from. So what do they have to say? Mike Turner is Chief Information Security Officer at Capgemini and shares his views. Digital business depends on digital trust. If organizations cannot trust the data on which they increasingly rely, they cannot compete. It’s the CISO’s job to establish data integrity. Integrity ... Read More »

Microsoft to finally retire Windows 10 1511 in two weeks

Microsoft in two weeks will finally retire a 2015 version of Windows 10, marking 29 months of support for the untitled feature upgrade, nearly as long a stretch as the time between the releases of Windows 8 and Windows 10. Windows 10 1511 – Microsoft labels its feature upgrades in a yymm format – will receive a final set of ... Read More »

Blockchain to ‘radically’ transform anti-fraud, anti-money-laundering efforts

Blockchain could be the answer to increasingly tough anti-money laundering (AML) statutes and enterprise fraud management (EFM) requirements looming for the financial services industry. In a report released this week by Forrester Research, blockchain’s distributed ledger technology – because it is both secure and immutable – is ideal for meeting new government requirements and serving as a trusted repository for identification ... Read More »

Microsoft Teams cheat sheet

Email is everywhere, and it has been around seemingly forever. But is it really the most effective way for groups of people to collaborate on work and advance business objectives? Several new products on the marketplace, most notably Slack, wager that the answer is indeed no. Slack and similar team messaging products try to remove threaded email conversations as a ... Read More »

Why Cambridge Analytica means it’s time for an Apple social network

The emerging Cambridge Analytica/Facebook affair, in which people’s personal data was allegedly used for purposes it should not have been used for, shows the danger of surveillance capitalism and the need for a new approach to social networking — and that’s what Apple can provide. Understand history, but don’t repeat it History shows us that Apple has never succeeded in creating ... Read More »

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