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Emerging Technology

Carbon nanotubes in a competition opposite time to reinstate silicon

The interplay of distance and time might make CO nanotubes a answer to a mechanism industry’s prayers as it grapples with vigour to make silicon chips ever-smaller. Or a same factors might spin CNTs into a technological passed end. Size refers to a magnitude of CO nanotubes (CNTs) vs. a timorous geometry of a components on today’s silicon chips. A ... Read More »

My large fat rooftop solar installation

After essay about solar appetite for some-more than year, we figured it was time to lift a trigger and get rooftop panels commissioned on my home, a 2,200-square-foot ranch-style house. While I’m usually a second homeowner on my travel to do so, some-more and some-more houses and buildings in my village are adopting solar, and for good reason: solar panels ... Read More »

Tesla to take behind some Autopilot controls

Just a integrate of weeks after releasing new self-driving facilities for a Model S vehicles by a module upgrade, Tesla will place new constraints on a Autopilot complement to serve extent when it can be used. Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed a Autopilot emanate during a question-and-answer session after a association reported a third-quarter financial formula yesterday. Tesla The Model ... Read More »

Google to unconstrained cars: Brake for kids!

See finish coverage of Demo Traction 2015 Read More »

U.S. Army tests swarms of drones in vital exercise

The U.S. Army has for a initial time tested swarms of consumer drones during a vital troops training practice and dynamic a low-cost record is during a theatre where it could be used offensively. Off-the-shelf drones have brought what was formerly formidable and costly record into a strech of consumers, and a troops was extraordinary to see how many of ... Read More »

Honda unveils hydrogen-powered automobile with 400-mile range

Honda Motor Co. announced a new chronicle of a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell automobile (FCV) that can transport adult to 400 miles and refuel in usually 3 minutes. The new Honda Clarity Fuel Cell’s expostulate sight record is about one-tenth a cost of Honda’s prior FCV the FCX Clarity. The fuel-cell record is also smaller than in a prior vehicle. Pricing for ... Read More »

Survey shows a third of people would opt for smartphone over car

Once a sermon of thoroughfare for any teenager, owning a automobile is increasingly being overshadowed by a enterprise for a smartphone, a new survey shows. In a consult of 1,200 people in 4 vital countries by global tech pattern and plan organisation frog, 30% of a respondents pronounced that they would give adult their automobile before their smartphone. “Given that smartphones ... Read More »

U.S. a tip end for solar row manufacturers

A new news has placed a U.S. as one of a many appealing nations for production solar panels. The report, from GTM Research, remarkable that tighten to 10% of a world’s new procedure production projects this year are slated for a U.S. GTM Research Nations seen as many appealing to PV manufacturing. “The U.S. is a really appealing nation for ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Welcome to a self-driving automobile revolution: Tesla releases Autopilot patch

It’s finally here. The initial publicly available, legal, and entirely self-aware automobile is a reality. Tesla has expelled a program patch for existent Model S owners (and anyone who buys a automobile today). According to a association blog post, stream owners customarily need to download a Tesla Version 7.0 patch. (Word is that it takes all night.) This is a ... Read More »

Canon aims to make impact in 3D printer market

If Canon were to use a antecedent 3D printer to imitation components for prolongation models, Rep-Rap style, business competence see it a small faster. Canon claims, after all, that a new 3D copy record will be good adequate for fast manufacturing, in serve to a fast prototyping for that many businesses already use 3D printing. However, while a association showed ... Read More »

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