Friday , 15 December 2017
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Emerging Technology

Tesla to take behind some Autopilot controls

Just a integrate of weeks after releasing new self-driving facilities for a Model S vehicles by a module upgrade, Tesla will place new constraints on a Autopilot complement to serve extent when it can be used. Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed a Autopilot emanate during a question-and-answer session after a association reported a third-quarter financial formula yesterday. Tesla The Model ... Read More »

Google to unconstrained cars: Brake for kids!

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U.S. Army tests swarms of drones in vital exercise

The U.S. Army has for a initial time tested swarms of consumer drones during a vital troops training practice and dynamic a low-cost record is during a theatre where it could be used offensively. Off-the-shelf drones have brought what was formerly formidable and costly record into a strech of consumers, and a troops was extraordinary to see how many of ... Read More »

Honda unveils hydrogen-powered automobile with 400-mile range

Honda Motor Co. announced a new chronicle of a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell automobile (FCV) that can transport adult to 400 miles and refuel in usually 3 minutes. The new Honda Clarity Fuel Cell’s expostulate sight record is about one-tenth a cost of Honda’s prior FCV the FCX Clarity. The fuel-cell record is also smaller than in a prior vehicle. Pricing for ... Read More »

Survey shows a third of people would opt for smartphone over car

Once a sermon of thoroughfare for any teenager, owning a automobile is increasingly being overshadowed by a enterprise for a smartphone, a new survey shows. In a consult of 1,200 people in 4 vital countries by global tech pattern and plan organisation frog, 30% of a respondents pronounced that they would give adult their automobile before their smartphone. “Given that smartphones ... Read More »

U.S. a tip end for solar row manufacturers

A new news has placed a U.S. as one of a many appealing nations for production solar panels. The report, from GTM Research, remarkable that tighten to 10% of a world’s new procedure production projects this year are slated for a U.S. GTM Research Nations seen as many appealing to PV manufacturing. “The U.S. is a really appealing nation for ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Welcome to a self-driving automobile revolution: Tesla releases Autopilot patch

It’s finally here. The initial publicly available, legal, and entirely self-aware automobile is a reality. Tesla has expelled a program patch for existent Model S owners (and anyone who buys a automobile today). According to a association blog post, stream owners customarily need to download a Tesla Version 7.0 patch. (Word is that it takes all night.) This is a ... Read More »

Canon aims to make impact in 3D printer market

If Canon were to use a antecedent 3D printer to imitation components for prolongation models, Rep-Rap style, business competence see it a small faster. Canon claims, after all, that a new 3D copy record will be good adequate for fast manufacturing, in serve to a fast prototyping for that many businesses already use 3D printing. However, while a association showed ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: The 5 vicious pillars of creation government capability

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Meet a practical lady who might take your job

IPsoft’s Amelia is some-more engaging than Apple’s Siri. Amelia’s denunciation is expressive. Her facial expressions and gestures are generated on a fly. Siri can uncover wit to an oddity question, though Amelia aims for empathy. Amelia is IPsoft’s synthetic comprehension platform. It has an ability to know things in context and rivet with a listener. Most importantly, Amelia is genuine ... Read More »

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