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Emerging Technology

Researchers formulating partner that whispers directions in your ear

Researchers during Carnegie Mellon University are operative on synthetic comprehension program that could one day act like a personal assistant, murmur directions to get to a restaurant, put together a book shelf or correct a production machine. The program is named Gabriel, after a angel that serves as God’s messenger, and is designed to be used in a wearable prophesy ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: 10 Top technical achievements in video games for 2015

Videos games are all about an adrenaline rush, yet there’s an extraordinary volume of work that goes into creation a gameplay some-more innovative and awe-inspiring. These programming techniques and tech advances also make a games some-more realistic, visually stunning, or only some-more beguiling to play. Here are my tip picks. 1. Rise of a Tomb Raider lighting effects If we ... Read More »

Obama and Bill Gates surveillance skeleton to double purify appetite investigate spending

President Barack Obama today announced that a U.S. is fasten 19 other countries and 28 heading record innovators to double appropriation and other resources for purify appetite investigate and development. The multinational program, famous as “Mission Innovation,” was announced during a United Nations Climate Summit in Paris. Along with open funding, a high-profile investors — famous as a Breakthrough Energy Coalition — ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Holiday present shopping beam for gadgets: Dark side or light side of a force?

You don’t know a power…of shopping a tool this holiday season. It can make or mangle your relationships, with friends during work, with family, or with Aunt Judy from Toledo. Often, it comes down to a preference between dual absolute army (er, devices). I’ve offering some superintendence next to assistance we make a right preference and maybe even acquire some ... Read More »

User reviews from 5,000 people tapped for 3D printer buyer’s guide

Online village 3D Hubs has published a second annual 3D Printer Guide for 2016, formed on reviews from 5,350 accurate 3D printer owners of 441 opposite 3D printer models. In all, a beam rated 146 machines, with “10” a tip ranking and “1” a lowest. The ratings embody a tip 20 machines in 5 categories and 126 printers that didn’t ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: 5 many critical tech advancements of 2015

Technology has a approach to creeping adult on us and creation a confidant jump forward. In 2015, we witnessed a initial legitimate bid to make cars expostulate autonomously, a few groundbreaking apps, and during slightest one hugely critical miracle in practical assistance. Here are my tip picks of a year, in no sold order. 1. Tesla Autopilot Say what we ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: A latency-killing, cloud storage network is entrance to a city nearby you

There have been a lot of innovations in craving storage in new years and months — many of it focused on pushing storage to a open cloud to save costs. But what storage vendors haven’t been means to truly impulse is a latency cause compared with relocating a information behind and onward from a cloud to a enterprise. That, and ... Read More »

Daimler to recycle electric automobile batteries for large appetite storage systems

Daimler AG announced that it is cobbling together used lithium-ion batteries from electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to emanate vast appetite storage systems for blurb use. The initial of Daimler’s “2nd use battery storage units” will include of 1,000 intelligent electric expostulate car batteries and have a 13 million watt hour (MWh) capacity. It is approaching to be connected to a electrical ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Here come a drudge swarms

At a conference endangered with a advances and regulatory issues regarding to a burgeoning area of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, aka “drones”), Dr. Richard Kelley of a University of Nevada during Reno brought adult something that is still oscillating in my head: In roughly any essay or contention on drones, a machines are talked about in a singular, i.e., a ... Read More »

Nanoparticle breakthrough could lead to faster-charging batteries

Researchers during Vanderbilt University have gained new discernment into a nanoscale workings of Lithium Ion batteries, a find that could speed a growth of batteries that can be recharged in seconds. The group of scientists spent a final 7 months questioning batteries containing quantum dots done of iron pyrite, also famous as “fool’s gold.” Quantum dots are particles usually a ... Read More »

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