Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Emerging Technology

Don’t clear out your cubicle for a robot just yet

Take a breath because the future might not be as bleak as you expect. A report from Forrester Research predicts that artificial intelligence systems, which include robots, automation, smart machines and machine learning systems, will replace 7% of U.S. jobs by 2025. That’s a net reduction because the analyst firm predicts that technology will replace 16% of U.S. jobs but ... Read More »

Self-driving Olli shuttle with IBM Watson debuts in Washington area

Olli, a self-driving shuttle for 12 passengers running IBM Watson Internet of Things technology, made its debut in a shopping area of the Washington suburbs on Thursday. While some “fine-tuning” of the self-driving features are needed, passengers, by this fall, should be able to ride around and speak directions to Olli on the private roads at the National Harbor shopping ... Read More »

HPE shows a computer intended to emulate the human brain

Intelligent computers that can make decisions like humans may some day be on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s product roadmap. The company has been showing a prototype computer designed to emulate the way the brain makes calculations. It’s based on a new architecture that could define how future computers work. The brain can be seen as an extremely power-efficient biological computer. Brains ... Read More »

Intel lets slip roadmap for Optane SSDs with 1,000X performance

Intel has let slip its timeline for releasing what is arguably the most significant advancement in non-volatile data storage in years, its 3D XPoint (cross point) memory, which will be sold under the name Optane. Taiwanese technology news site posted slides from a presentation showing that the line will be released by the end of this year and likely ... Read More »

DHL’s Parcelcopter is drone delivery in action (+video)

Sending packages by airplane is nothing new, but the task could soon be taken over by drones. DHL recently completed a three-month test of its automated drone delivery system, the Parcelcopter. It works with a combination helipad and mailbox dubbed Skyport, which can automatically load and unload the drone’s payload when it lands and store it in one of the ... Read More »

Google DeepMind’s kill switch research may ease A.I. fears

With so many people taking their cues from the movies on what a future with artificial intelligence will look like, some who fear one day having robotic overlords will be heartened by research that Google is doing. Google DeepMind, a London-based artificial intelligence company that Google acquired in 2014, is working on what will be a kill switch for robots ... Read More »

Maersk hopes drones can deliver sweet savings

Shipping giant Maersk Group made headlines earlier this year when it used a drone to deliver a bucket of cookies to a tanker at sea. That was just the beginning of an effort the company thinks could dramatically change its business. The company is evaluating ways to expand its use of drones and plans a bigger test later this year, ... Read More »

Review: DJI’s Phantom 4 drone makes high-flying tech easier (video)

In many ways we are living in the future that science fiction has teased for years: An era of self-driving cars, planned space tourism, touch-based pocket computers (which we call smartphones) and flying cameras — better known as drones. And like smartphones, it has taken only a few years for drones to drop from “extremely pricey niche device” to “expensive ... Read More »

This sticker can wirelessly charge your smartphone or tablet

A French startup has created wireless charging stickers that adhere to the backs of smartphones, tablets and drones, among other things, and can charge multiple devices at the same time on a single charging pad. Energysquare, which was founded last year by two French entrepreneurs who had just graduated from an engineering school, launched a crowdfunding campaign today on Kickstarter ... Read More »

The driverless taxi is almost here

Driverless taxis and shuttles are coming to big cities, without a doubt. Recently, I got to take a ride in a driverless car in Singapore, which helped convince me of the value of these vehicles. While I’d rate the overall concept of driverless taxis a 9 out of 10, the actual test drive I took merited just a 6. It ... Read More »

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