Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Nest is now partial of Google, again

Smart home manufacturer Nest is being taken underneath a wing of Google – and not for a initial time.  [Note: Since a news pennyless of Nest rejoining Google there’s been a flattering poignant group change, and we’ve updated this story to simulate that development] Nest was creatively taken on by Google 4 years ago after being purchased for $3.2 billion, ... Read More »

Google Assistant will shortly respond to whatever we wish to call it

You’ll shortly be means to get Google Assistant to respond to a tradition ‘wake word’ – that’s a phrase you use to activate a voice assistant. Up until recently, your options have been ‘Okay Google’ or… ‘Okay Google’. Google afterwards combined ‘Hey Google’ for those users who wanted something a bit some-more informal, though now it looks like you’re going to ... Read More »

Your aged phone is a improved confidence camera than CCTV, says Manything CEO

What did we do with your aged phone? If you’re anything like us, it’s now sat in a drawer, anxious that someone is remembering that it exists. Yeah, we attempted to sell it, though a man in a store pronounced we indispensable a box, and a cable. And we wanted to keep that cable. Plus, it was value 0.5% of ... Read More »

Best confidence camera: keep an eye on your home from your smartphone

Home confidence is critical business, and while a good close on your doorway and an alarm element competence assistance we feel some-more secure, there’s zero some-more calming than being means to fast check in on your residence while you’re away. Maybe you’re a primogenitor wanting to make certain your children are operative themselves, maybe you’ve got people operative in your ... Read More »

Alexa can now send content messages – though there’s a catch

Amazon has introduced a new feature: SMS messaging. If you’re now a unapproachable owners of an Echo device you’ll know that we can send messages between Echo devices, though this new underline allows we to send some-more normal content messages regulating usually your voice. You’ll need to live in a US and have an Android phone related adult to your ... Read More »

Google Assistant can now open your personal Netflix form with your voice

Netflix has upheld Google Assistant for a while, though as it usually started adult a categorical user profile, a hands-free advantages of a voice partner were rather singular if we lived in a bustling household. Fortunately, Google has announced that it’s expanding Google Assistant’s voice compare underline so that users can open their personal Netflix form but carrying to strech ... Read More »

Buyer beware: Nokia Body Cardio intelligent scale will get a small dumber this week

Did we buy Nokia’s (formerly Withings’) many costly intelligent scale, a Body Cardio? Unfortunately, Pulse Wave Velocity, one of a prominence facilities that marks a speed of your blood flow, is being unceremoniously deactivated on Jan 24. According to Nokia, that sent out a notice to N users and posted on a website, a underline is being switched off due ... Read More »

Your intelligent home won’t be full of intelligent speakers if all is a intelligent speaker

This year during CES, it seemed like each manufacturer was braggadocio of voice partner integration; Alexa and Google Assistant found their approach into cars, bathroom mirrors, and even fume alarms. And while primarily it felt a tiny gimmicky, it indeed solves one of a vital paltry points of a intelligent home: we wish to have entrance to your voice partner ... Read More »

Amazon finally brings Alexa to Aussie shores

Amazon’s launch in Australia might have had a few highway bumps along a way, with a fake starts eventually creation approach for an underwhelming catalogue, yet a online sell hulk did promise to move a possess intelligent AI partner to a shores in “early 2018” and that guarantee has been kept. The Echo operation of intelligent speakers are now accessible ... Read More »

ZLINK translates your Amazon Echo into a intelligent home hub

You could promulgate CES 2018 flattering simply: “That tech thing we own? Now we can speak to it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.” Voice-activated functionality by these dual renouned platforms is winning a contention in Las Vegas.  But while Amazon is display off what Alexa can do for your TVs, cars and laptops, one Indiegogo debate is jumping into ... Read More »

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