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Asus AsusPro D510MT

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features With much of the focus in the PC space having moved to laptops and convertible 2-in-1 systems, the plain old desktop doesn’t get much attention anymore. But there are still plenty of reasons to opt for a traditional tower—especially if you’re looking for a system for your home office or small business that you won’t ... Read More »

Acer Aspire Z3-710-UR54

Share This Review: Introduction Design Over the years, all-in-one (AIO) PCs have brought to the PC and Mac market alike an important option for consumers who want to save space without sacrificing too much power. Indeed, in recent years, the staple AIO, while losing some ground to the all-powerful laptop and tablets, has matured across all major makers’ lines, with ... Read More »

Lenovo to cut 3,200 jobs as profits halve

PC manufacturer Lenovo is set to axe five per cent of its workforce as the firm looks to reduce costs after suffering a 50 per cent drop in profits. The Chinese PC, laptop and smartphone manufacturer saw its first quarter profit drop by 51 per cent to $105m (£67m), while revenue was well below forecasts at $10.7bn. The drop in ... Read More »

Asus AsusPro E810 Mini PC

Share This Review: Introduction Design PCs made for corporate or industrial deployment don’t get a whole lot of digital ink in the tech-review press, but some of them are highly engineered and quite interesting from a hardware standpoint. Indeed, they can be very different animals from their consumer or general-use counterparts—and in ways you might not expect. Several years ago, ... Read More »

Intel rolls out Skylake chips to fuel Microsoft Windows 10 hardware push

Intel is to launch its “6th generation” Skylake processors next week, paving the way for Microsoft’s first serious hardware push on the Windows 10 operating system. Representing the “tock” on Intel’s 14 nanometer chip architecture (the “tick” of the company’s traditional “tick-tock” principle of shrinking a chip size followed by a new microarchitecture), Skylake promises to “set a new standard” ... Read More »

Zotac Zbox Magnus EN970

Share This Review: Introduction The Basics Mini-PCs may be one of the few categories of desktop computer showing growth here in 2015, but the one locale where minis have yet to tread very far? Into the lair of the gaming PC. Why, you’d ask? We’re sure that the makers of minis—and the suppliers of the hypothetical chips that would power ... Read More »

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