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Is Apple about to change CPU architectures from Intel to ARM?

Microprocessor researcher Jim Turley believes that Apple is on a fork of changeable a PC and laptop microprocessor pattern from customary Intel to home-grown ARM-based chips. Turley has suggested that Apple is scheming such a change after nipping over some of a discussions during Apple’s new Worldwide Developers’ Conference. Writing in Electronic Engineering Journal, he said: “One of a many ... Read More »

MSI 24GE Gaming All-in-One

Share This Review: Introduction Features Most all-in-one desktops underline medium specs and are meant for elementary home and bureau tasks. The MSI 24GE, however, stands out for a genuine gaming prowess, stability a association tradition final seen with a MSI AG270 Gaming All-in-One. When we tested that large 27-inch one-piece in Jul 2014, it won an Editors’ Choice endowment for ... Read More »

King’s College London skeleton Windows 10 rollout

Cloud, mobile and big-data adoption boosts business revenues by 50 per cent, claims Dell Read More »

Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox Tiny Desktop

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features Lenovo has jumped into a Chromebox game, adding an appealing choice to a established, large ThinkCentre Tiny line of space-saving desktop PCs. “Chromeboxes,” for those who competence not have run opposite a tenure before, are a desktop equivalents of Chromebooks: lean, customarily inexpensive desktops that run Google’s browser-style Chrome OS and rest on a ... Read More »

The Wright Stuff: an talk with King’s College London IT executive Gareth Wright

Author: Danny Palmer Source: Computing | 13 Aug 2015 Categories: Desktops | Hardware | Software | Operating Systems | Mobile | Services and Outsourcing | Applications Tags: Dell | Microsoft | Windows | Windows 10 | Windows 10 ascent | Education | King’s college london | Cio | Cio talk | Gareth wright | Byod | Chargebox | Wearables | ... Read More »

Asus AsusPro D510MT

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features With many of a concentration in a PC space carrying changed to laptops and automobile 2-in-1 systems, a plain aged desktop doesn’t get many courtesy anymore. But there are still copiousness of reasons to opt for a normal tower—especially if you’re looking for a complement for your home bureau or tiny business that we won’t ... Read More »

Acer Aspire Z3-710-UR54

Share This Review: Introduction Design Over a years, all-in-one (AIO) PCs have brought to a PC and Mac marketplace comparison an critical choice for consumers who wish to save space yet sacrificing too many power. Indeed, in new years, a tack AIO, while losing some belligerent to a almighty laptop and tablets, has grown opposite all vital makers’ lines, with ... Read More »

Lenovo to cut 3,200 jobs as increase halve

PC manufacturer Lenovo is set to mattock 5 per cent of a workforce as a organisation looks to revoke costs after pang a 50 per cent dump in profits. The Chinese PC, laptop and smartphone manufacturer saw a initial entertain distinction dump by 51 per cent to $105m (£67m), while income was good next forecasts during $10.7bn. The dump in ... Read More »

Asus AsusPro E810 Mini PC

Share This Review: Introduction Design PCs done for corporate or industrial deployment don’t get a whole lot of digital ink in a tech-review press, yet some of them are rarely engineered and utterly engaging from a hardware standpoint. Indeed, they can be really opposite animals from their consumer or general-use counterparts—and in ways we competence not expect. Several years ago, ... Read More »

Intel rolls out Skylake chips to fuel Microsoft Windows 10 hardware push

Intel is to launch a “6th generation” Skylake processors subsequent week, paving a approach for Microsoft’s initial critical hardware pull on a Windows 10 handling system. Representing a “tock” on Intel’s 14 nanometer chip pattern (the “tick” of a company’s normal “tick-tock” element of timorous a chip distance followed by a new microarchitecture), Skylake promises to “set a new standard” ... Read More »

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