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Intel NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK ("Skull Canyon")

Introduction, Design Features Micro- and mini-PCs are a hottest equipment in a differently snoozy 2016 marketplace for desktop PCs. Today, a standard tower-style desktop PC, if we buy it with a right tools inside, will final for many years before feeling dated. So a trend has been toward right-sizing a PC instead, or make-up some-more energy into a smaller box. ... Read More »

Zotac Zbox BI323

Introduction, Design Features At a risk of saying a obvious: Not everybody selling for a desktop has nearly a same computing needs. For some shoppers, desktop-PC shopping is all about performance, with budgets and space considerations both secondary. But copiousness of others have medium demands, tying themselves to light tasks such as Web browsing, operative on spreadsheets and documents, and ... Read More »

MSI Vortex G65

Introduction, Design Features The normal desktop building is a good “fit” for many enthusiasts and gamers—in any clarity of a word. It has room for a far-reaching collection of parts, and it’s simply upgradable, for when we need to supplement some-more capabilities (say, some-more storage, or a faster graphics label or CPU) down a road. But a cold, tough fact ... Read More »

InFocus Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro

Introduction, Design Features It was tough not to like the original InFocus Kangaroo Mobile Desktopportable hard drive, with a built-in battery, a fingerprint reader for security, and a clean install of Windows 10, all for just $99. Sure, its “Cherry Trail” Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM mean it’s not great for much more than basic productivity and media ... Read More »

iBuypower Revolt 2

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features Boutique PC builder iBuypower is best famous for a big-brawny PC towers that tend to stress absolute configurations packaged with value for a money. That’s because it’s a bit of a warn to see a association come resounding in with a clever contender in small systems. The Revolt 2 is iBuypower’s latest small form ... Read More »

MSI Nightblade x2

Share This Review: Introduction Design Buying a hardware to build a really compact, really absolute gaming PC has never been easier, so prolonged as you’re peaceful to flare over a reward for a sold brew of tools optimized for saving space. (Building that firmly packaged PC is another matter, yet we’ll speak about that in a moment.) In new years, ... Read More »

HP Envy 34 Curved All-in-One

Share This Review: Introduction, Design, Features Sometimes a mechanism comes along that changes a computing experience. It happened with a initial laptops with rapid solid-state instead of tough drives, and with Apple’s initial Retina systems with their ultra-high-resolution screens that done particular pixels too tiny for a exposed eye to see. Now HP is a latest businessman to make we ... Read More »

Acer Predator G6

Share This Review: Introduction Design Here in 2016, high-end gaming desktop towers are removing renewed adore from the big players in a PC field. This has been generally apparent given Intel introduced a 6th-Generation “Skylake” processors in tumble 2015, about a same time Acer rolled out a new Predator gaming desktop line. Really, it started when Alienware threw down a plea ... Read More »

NSA ‘could spy’ on 100,000 computers

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has commissioned program in about 100,000 computers around a world, enabling a view group to control notice on those machines and yield a “digital highway for cyber attacks”, a New York Times reports.  The infancy of a program is extrinsic into a systems by gaining entrance to mechanism networks; however, a NSA has also ... Read More »

Hammersmith and Fulham Council opts for Colt’s VDI resolution forward of Citrix XenApp to revoke costs

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has comparison Colt’s practical desktop (VDI) complement forward of Citrix XenApp, as it aims to revoke costs and urge productivity. The legislature worked with IT and business services provider Agilisys to muster a resolution to reinstate a bequest Citrix Presentation Server, that it had commissioned 10 years ago, though was singular in a series of users ... Read More »

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