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Oculus Go is a standalone $199 VR headset that doesn’t need a PC, a phone, or wires

“The honeyed spot.” It sounds like that’s going to be VR’s new focus, as we conduct into Oculus Connect’s fourth annual iteration. And what is that honeyed spot, exactly? Not mobile VR, not PC-based VR, nonetheless a mix of both. No wires, nonetheless a same high-fidelity knowledge people get from a Oculus Rift. That’s still substantially a ways off, nonetheless ... Read More »

Lenovo ThinkCentre M910z

Introduction, Design Features As an enterprise-minded all-in-one (AIO) PC, a Lenovo ThinkCentre M910z doesn’t essay for sexy, attention-grabbing features. It’s not quite sleek. It’s not thin. Chrome accents? Really, now. Instead, a ThinkCentre M910z goes for bureau dependability with a imperishable chassis, support for a latest Intel platform, and a horde of confidence facilities to keep your company’s information safe. ... Read More »

The Full Nerd part 33: Intel Core i7-8700K review, tumble gaming preview, and rob boxes suck

By PCWorld Staff, PCWorld | Oct 9, 2017 10:42 AM PT Read More »

Google Pixelbook: Pen support and phone tethering could sign a Chrome OS deal

Meet Pixelbook, a laptop that legitimizes Google’s Chromebook Pixel legacy. When Google expelled a initial Chromebook Pixel in 2013, many tech reporters (myself included) saw a Chrome OS-based laptop as some-more of a illusory egghead tender than a viable consumer product. It was a halo device that illustrated what a Chromebook could be—in a broad, unconditional regretful sense—if designed with finish ... Read More »

HP Omen 17 (2017) review: You get a lot of gaming laptop for a money

When we reviewed HP’s 17-inch Omen gaming laptop final year, we found it to be a little boring, though packaged with a ton of comprehensive hardware during a unequivocally appealing price. HP’s behind this year with a new Omen design, though that ubiquitous outline still binds true. This is not a fanciest high-end gaming laptop we’ve seen. Nor is it a ... Read More »

Core i7-8700K Review: Intel’s response to Ryzen is faster and cheaper than ever

Intel’s 6-core 8th era Core i7-8700K CPU is a existence check to high-performance, cost CPUs like a $2,000 Core i9 and $1,000 AMD Ryzen Threadripper. The genuine conflict for a desktop and consumer’s wallets is with this amazingly affordable (for Intel anyway) $359 CPU, code-named Coffee Lake. In fact, a Core i7-8700K is Intel’s initial genuine response to AMD’s breakthrough ... Read More »

Best Buy is offered a 4TB outmost tough expostulate for $70

Two weeks ago, we spied a flattering decent understanding for a $60 2TB WD outmost tough drive. If we don’t need to transport with a storage drive, however, today’s understanding is even better. Best Buy is charity a Seagate 4TB desktop outmost tough expostulate for $70—that’s about $30 cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. It’s not transparent how prolonged this understanding ... Read More »

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper CPUs get giveaway NVMe RAID support

If you’ve splurged on a monstrous Ryzen Threadripper processor, we can now put a ridiculous 64 PCIe lanes to use supercharging your already-supercharged storage—or creation certain your information won’t disappear with a hardware failure. Monday morning, AMD expelled beta drivers that clear RAID support for NVMe drives on a Threadripper platform, as debate continues to whirl around Intel’s opposition VROC ... Read More »

Asus G11DF

Introduction, Design Features For a prolonged time, PC-gaming rigs were famous as many for their eye-bugging cost tags as for their performance. They were geared toward those who were peaceful to compensate gobs of income to have a fastest complement on a block. But that meant that people with some-more medium needs and budgets got left out of a fun. ... Read More »

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro review: Good during roughly everything, including light gaming

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is aiming for a middle, in a good way. Compared to other models we’ve tested recently that offer a high-resolution touchscreen display, a 360-degree hinge, a cold steel chassis, and even coop support, it’s delicately designed to offer a small bit of everything, with a few standout features: a dissimilar Radeon RX 540 GPU, an ... Read More »

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