Wednesday , 28 June 2017
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Radeon Vega Frontier Edition: Benchmarks and behind-the-scenes AMD interview

AMD’s initial graphics label formed on a Vega graphics design launches this week, and we’ve gotten a filthy hands on it. The $1,200 Radeon Vega Frontier Edition goes toe-to-toe opposite Nvidia’s Titan Xp in prosumer applications, with a gamer-focused Radeon RX Vega series slated to launch during a finish of July. In time for a Vega Frontier Edition’s Jun 27 ... Read More »

The 10 best Android apps for Chromebooks

Running Android apps on Chromebooks is still a dream—a dream in extended beta, that is. After earnest a underline progressing this year, Google has pushed out a recover date. While a name array of Chromebooks can entrance Google Play right out of a box, some-more brave Chromebook users will need to run a developer beta of Chrome OS to experience ... Read More »

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem product fusillade targets information centers

Lenovo is holding on Dell EMC and HPE with a biggest portfolio modernise given it acquired IBM’s x86 server business 3 years ago, charity a lineup of servers, switches, SAN arrays and converged systems dictated to uncover that it’s a critical contender in a information core and software-defined infrastructure market. The product launch, staged in New York Tuesday, was a ... Read More »

Five of a ugliest PC cases accessible today

Some people like their PCs to light adult like Christmas trees, with windows by that they can glance in awe during a value of their PC building skills and bespoke glass cooling systems.  Others cite tedious black boxes that simply sound sensitively in a credentials while they slice their approach by spreadsheets or Team Fortress 2.  To any their own. ... Read More »

The highest-performing PC components we can buy today

Beyond a hardware already discussed, we start to tumble into a biased range. Buying a keyboard, mouse, headset, or box relies heavily on personal preference. But let’s take a gash during some picks, eh? Mechanical keyboards are objectively higher to all other forms, and a Corsair K95 RGB ($180 on Amazon) is one of a best around, with RGB backlighting, ... Read More »

Azulle Access Plus Fanless Mini PC Stick

Introduction, Design Features When people speak about PCs removing smaller, they are customarily referring to a ever-narrowing profiles of thin-and-light laptops; a leanest have turn trim adequate to make a strange Apple MacBook Air seem definitely porky. What they competence not realize, though, is that a certain category of desktops is removing much, many smaller, too. This reductio ad desktop ... Read More »

The absolute PC hardware of E3 2017

At E3 2017, PC games were everywhere, and since good program needs hardware to run, PCs lurked in each indentation and corner of a show, too. Hell, even a ridicule caf� set adult in Bethesda’s counter bristled with gaming rigs. From that windy environment to a 16-core Threadripper rigs during Alienware’s vaunt to some really wild modded rigs, these are a stately ... Read More »

Azulle Byte Plus Mini PC

Introduction, Design Features The Azulle Byte Plus Mini PC is nonetheless another entrant into a fast-crowding “micro-desktop” market. It’s throwing in a lot with a likes of Intel, Gigabyte, Zotac, ECS, and other manufacturers that take a innards of low-end Windows tablets (or low-end laptops) and retool them to fit into a little chassis. (For a improved clarity of a figure ... Read More »

Xbox One X PC Build: Can we do it for $500?

Microsoft’s Xbox One X presents an engaging plea for PC builders. Sure, if we wish tender power, zero beats a PC. But can we put together an Xbox One X homogeneous for $500? At that cost indicate (and outward of that golden window of Black Friday sales and stellar combo/bundle deals on PC components), you’re pulling a boundary of what’s possible, utterly if we ... Read More »

Asus Republic of Gamers Strix GD30CI

Introduction, Design Features Sometimes these days, when we demeanour during a desktop PC, it’s tough to tell what form of user it’s directed at. Take the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8910), for example. Its silver-metal front image looks stylishly mainstream, yet a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics label in a indication we reviewed is clearly directed during critical gamers. There’s no ... Read More »