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Nvidia arch downplays Google’s A.I. chip

Nvidia has staked a large cube of a destiny on provision absolute graphics chips used for synthetic intelligence, so it wasn’t a good day for a association when Google announced two weeks ago that it had built a possess AI chip for use in a information centers. Google’s Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU, was built privately for low learning, a bend ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Encryption is a substructure of a new information center

For decades, encryption was an keen art. Encryption was slow, clunky and rarely complex, and as a result, a immeasurable infancy of information in a data center resides on storage systems in a clear. Sensitive information has historically been stable by IP segmentation and firewalls with IPS modules. This indication is now changing. As workloads in a corporate information core ... Read More »

Hey, reduction than 90 seconds doesn’t unequivocally count!

Previous Post Because that’s what’s REALLY important, right? Read More »

Review: DeepSQL outruns Amazon Aurora

When we reviewed Amazon Aurora final October, we remarkable that a turn of opening was distant over any we had seen from other open source SQL databases, and it did so during a distant reduce cost than we would compensate for an Oracle database of identical power. Considering that Aurora is a drop-in deputy for a entire MySQL, Amazon positively ... Read More »

8 universities during a forefront of large data

The College of Charleston lays explain to a initial undergraduate module of a kind in information science, according to a website. Students during a College of Charleston have finished internships during vital tech companies such as IBM, Bibliolife and MUSC, and there are 14 opposite grade disciplines to select from. Disciplines embody accounting, biomechanics, CRM, economics, practice physiology, finance, geoinformatics, ... Read More »

MarkLogic 9 aims to make certain your data’s protected when it’s during rest

The database landscape is many some-more different than it once was, interjection in vast partial to large data, and on Tuesday, one of today’s newer contenders denounced an arriving recover featuring a vital boost in security. Version 9 of MarkLogic’s namesake NoSQL database will be accessible during a finish of this year, and one of a pivotal new facilities is ... Read More »

Ethernet’s destiny goes quick and slow

IDG.TV | May 5, 2016 At a 2016 Interop show, David Chalupsky from a Ethernet Alliance chats with Network World about a 6 new information rates and 2016 Ethernet Roadmap. Chalupsky also explains because a networking customary is not usually removing faster, though slower for some sold applications and use cases. Read More »

Simplivity attacks a ‘unbearable complexity’ of IT

Hyperconvergence is a comparatively new buzzword though Westborough, Mass.,-based Simplivity is already braggadocio of formulating chronicle 3.0 of this rising IT model. In this installment of a IDG CEO Interview Series, Simplivity CEO Doron Kempel talked with IDG US Media Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how Simplivity’s OmniStack outperforms competitors like Nutanix and claims business deploying workloads on Simplivity ... Read More »

Users report pros and cons of hyperconverged storage products

When evaluating hyperconverged infrastructure products, IT Central Station users many mostly inspect their price, morality and palliate of manageability, compared to some-more normal storage systems. Google Four of a tip hyperconverged infrastructure systems on a marketplace are Nutanix, VMware Virtual SAN, FlexPod and HPE StoreVirtual, according to online reviews by craving users in a IT Central Station community. But what ... Read More »

BrandPost: The Importance of Data in Digital Disruption

In today’s business environment, we am saying some-more and some-more enterprises comprehend there are new manners for an attention they once dominated. Business capabilities can no longer be deliberate things that once discovered, usually need to be perfected. As new businesses demeanour for areas to grow, they are increasingly colliding with storied bequest businesses. This means that business capabilities need ... Read More »

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