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Computing components

Intel’s chips can now tweak your games’ graphics for the best results

Gaming on integrated graphics is a pain, not only for the lower frame rates and visual fidelity, but also the amount of tweaking needed to even get a playable experience. Luckily, Intel is making things a little easier with new software updates. Just like Nvidia GeForce Experience, Intel’s Graphics Control Panel has a new panel that will automatically optimize game ... Read More »

Best gaming mouse pads 2018: the best mouse mats for gamers

Just a few years ago, the best gaming mouse pads weren’t all that different than the mainstream mouse pad. Just get a piece of foam, cover it in some fabric – preferably low-friction – and call it a day. Today, the best gaming mouse pads have evolved more than anyone would have guessed 10 years ago. These MLG tablecloths are ... Read More »

Best PC power supply 2018: top PSUs for your PC

We’re just going to come out and say it: there is nothing more important than picking up one of the best power supplies when you’re building a new PC. It might be tempting to save a bit of cash in order to spend a little bit more on one of the best graphics cards, but trust us – it’s not ... Read More »

The best mouse of 2018: 10 top computer mice compared

At the end of the day, you can get through any of your daily tasks with just about any mouse you find lying around – as long as you can click on things, you’re good. However, there’s a lot to be said about devices that genuinely make your life easier by allowing you to perform these tasks faster, easier and ... Read More »

Intel has finally nailed the Spectre patch – but only for Skylake PCs

Intel has pushed out a revamped Spectre patch which solves the previous issues that plagued the fix, but the bad news is it’s only been deployed for Skylake-powered PCs right now. The new patch has been cured of the previous stability issues which triggered multiple system reboots in some cases, and led to Intel recommending that users shouldn’t install its ... Read More »

The best mouse of 2018: Top computer mice compared

It wasn’t long ago that the PC mouse was no more than a two-button rodent that was used for ignoring Clippy on Microsoft Office. Nowadays, especially with optical and laser mice having taken over the market, prerequisites for the best mouse have been much more demanding. Gaming mice like the Corsair Glaive RGB are expected to implement hyper-sensitive sensors while ... Read More »

Thanks to HP you can now start talking to your printer as well

It had to happen sooner or later: digital assistants are coming to control your home printer, courtesy of HP. The feature isn’t built into the printers yet though – the functionality comes as a new skill to use with your smart speaker or assistant app, and will work with all HP’s web-enabled printers. “Integrating voice into the home printer is ... Read More »

Best security camera system for your business in 2018

It’s fair to say that in recent times, there’s been an explosion of increasingly sophisticated IP (internet protocol) cameras – and in this guide to the best of CCTV and security camera, we’ve covered the smartest smart cameras on the market. You won’t find any analogue closed-circuit TV systems here, and instead of complex centralised IP systems, we have chosen ... Read More »

Samsung is making processors solely for cryptocurrency mining

Thanks to the cryptocurrency craze, the cost of graphics cards has inflated up to three-times their retail price whiles reducing inventories to all time lows month over month. But relief for PC gamers could be coming soon as Samsung aims to build new chips specifically for mining. Samsung confirmed that its foundry business is ‘engaged the manufacturing of cryptocurrency mining ... Read More »

Best processors 2018: top CPUs for your PC

Back in 2017, when Intel’s Coffee Lake and AMD’s Ryzen CPUs made it out in the wild, the long-standing stagnation in the CPU world ceased overnight. Now, the longstanding competition between these two tech behemoths has been fully reignited, and Intel and AMD are at each other’s’ throats, competing for your interest. Thankfully, out of this competition, the best processors ... Read More »

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