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Watch us unbox a Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collector’s Edition

Last week we reported that Nvidia is releasing dual Star Wars-themed editions of a absolute Titan Xp graphics cards, and we’ve only been sent a Galactic Empire chronicle of a card. It’s an positively overwhelming spin on a Titan Xp, with some poetic small touches and sum that will make any Star Wars fan as happy as Chewbacca on Life ... Read More »

AMD vs Intel: a 16-core showdown

AMD specs Cores: 16Threads: 32Base clock: 3.4GHzBoost clock: 4.0GHzL3 cache: 32MBTDP: 180W The past few years have seen something of a plateau when it came to consumer processor technology, nonetheless this year both AMD and Intel have come out overhanging with strong 16-core behemoths. AMD was initial out of a embankment with a Ryzen Threadripper 1950X, that facilities 16 cores, ... Read More »

Nvidia CEO believes AMD has suffered a ‘great loss’ and Intel is personification GPU catch-up

Nvidia only posted some considerable financial results, and a association is positively in a expansive mood, with a CEO holding a time to hold his thoughts on a recently-revealed AMD and Intel partnership in laptop CPUs, as good as a desertion of a pivotal executive from a former to a latter. The Q3 mercantile formula were positively strong, with Nvidia ... Read More »

Leaked benchmarks for Intel CPUs with AMD graphics are sparkling news for laptop gamers

Intel and AMD might be processor rivals, though as we saw during a start of this week, they’ve got together to furnish a new Intel Core H laptop CPU that will underline Radeon graphics – and benchmarks have only leaked display a energy of Intel’s chips that have integrated AMD GPUs. The reported benchmarks speckled in a furious – and ... Read More »

The Nvidia Titan Xp Collector’s Edition gets a Star Wars makeover

Last week Nvidia teased a new GeForce Titan X Collector’s Edition striking card was on a approach and now they’ve been suggested to be a special Star Wars tie-in. While we approaching a GPU to be a uninformed new launch for CES 2018, in existence they’re a reskin entrance only in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Though it’s ... Read More »

The best laptop advancing stations 2017

Finding a best laptop advancing hire for your needs can make operative on your laptop easier, some-more available and some-more comfortable, as while laptops are good for portability, they don’t utterly offer a operation of connectivity options desktop PCs yield in a office. However, with advancing stations, we can have a best of both worlds: a unstable laptop that has ... Read More »

Nvidia teases a new Titan X Collector’s Edition graphics card

Nvidia continues to warn us with new graphics cards, and currently it usually expelled a teaser for a new Titan X Collector’s Edition. Although Nvidia usually offering adult an intensely brief 13-second video, seen below, we’ve though scrubbed by it support by support for luscious tidbits. There’s no discuss of specs, most reduction anything, though we do see this collector’s ... Read More »

Best gaming guard 2017: a tip 10 gaming screens of a year

When we don’t have one of a best gaming monitors, video games are usually games. So, yet one of these extraordinary displays, we we usually won’t be means to knowledge PC games a approach they were intended. However, not each arrangement is ideal for each system. While some of a best gaming monitors are 1080p, 60Hz and prepared for mid-range ... Read More »

Meet Intel’s insanely quick Optane SSD 900P drives

Intel has introduced a new Optane SSD 900P line of blisteringly quick solid-state storage drives. Not to be confused with Intel Optane memory, these are bonified SSD drives with consecutive review speed rating of 2,500MB/s and a consecutive write speed of 2,000MB/s.  While that’s not scarcely as quick as a 3,500MB/s review and 2,100MB/s write speeds seen on tip consumer ... Read More »

Best PC gaming headset 2017: a best gaming headset for your new rig

While probably everybody else has their heads incited to a different kind of headset, namely a VR kind, we during TechRadar are revolutionary advocates of peculiarity audio. That’s generally a box while gaming, an activity that has been heavily inbred with a judgment of immersiveness over a years. You competence cruise PC gaming is all about a graphics, though we’re ... Read More »

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