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Computing components

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2nd Generation release date, news and rumors

In April 2018, AMD launched its line of Ryzen 2nd Generation processors and completely blew the first generation out of the water when it came to performance. But, what about the high-end Ryzen Threadripper CPUs that put Intel on the Core X defensive in 2017?  Well, we’re expecting to see that follow-up in the second half of this year. Just ... Read More »

Best motherboard 2018: the top Intel and AMD motherboards we’ve seen

While not as exciting as the best processors or graphics cards, the best motherboards arguably carry more weight than any other component in your system. Not only do they serve as the backbone of your PC, but the best motherboards also feature the latest technologies behind all of the best PCs. These features will help your computer reach its full ... Read More »

Best PC gaming headsets in the UAE 2018: the best gaming headset for your new rig

  As you wait for the best graphics cards to return to their MSRPs, consider this: the rest of your components and peripherals are getting older, and someday they’ll be as obsolete as an Intel 8080 is today. Truthfully, high-quality sound is underrated, so while you’re trying to fetch the highest resolutions and framerates, you’re being outdone by someone that’s ... Read More »

Nvidia claims cryptocurrency miners are buying far fewer graphics cards

Nvidia has announced its latest financial results, and the GPU giant made the unusual move of clarifying exactly how much money it had raked in from selling graphics cards to cryptocurrency miners – alongside the revelation that these sales will drop massively in the next (currently ongoing) quarter. And that would obviously be good news for gamers, particularly when you ... Read More »

Best graphics cards 2018: the best GPUs for gaming

These days, when it comes to the best graphics cards, we’ve faced a conundrum. While Nvidia is back to selling its graphics cards for normal prices, it’s still difficult to buy a graphics card in stores and online at MSRP due to cryptocurrency mining. For the uninitiated, many people are buying the best graphics cards in bulk to try and ... Read More »

Intel graphics cards could see a CES 2019 unveiling

Intel has been rumored to be working on a discrete graphics card for some time now, and we may well see it announced at CES 2019. At least that’s the word on the Internet according to Anthony Garreffa from TweakTown. According to an industry source within Intel, Garreffa alleges that Intel’s GPU team has “reached the end of this first ... Read More »

The best keyboards of 2018: top 10 keyboards compared

If your keyboard is getting old, dirty and grimy, it may be time to go out and shop for one of the best keyboards you can buy today. Even in you don’t have a keyboard that looks like a prop out of a horror film – the benefits to speed and efficiency you can gain with the best keyboards make ... Read More »

Spectre 2 looms large with 8 potential security flaws

There’s some worrying news on the security front today, with the revelation that eight fresh Spectre-class flaws have been discovered – and Intel has issued a statement on the matter. These new bugs have been reported by German tech site, and it has dubbed them Spectre-NG or ‘Next Generation’, claiming that Intel processors are vulnerable, and that AMD’s chips ... Read More »

Nvidia rumored to launch new laptops GPUs by the end of 2018

Rumors of new Nvidia desktop graphics cards seem to have all but dried up, but we might possibly see new GPUs coming to laptops. A Gigabyte/Aorus UK Notebook representative on the OverclockersUK forum confirmed laptops equipped with next generation Nvidia GPUs are scheduled to release towards the end of the year – though this rumor requires some extra extrapolation to ... Read More »

Intel’s newest Optane 905P is a ludicrously fast SSD

Intel is on a roll with introducing new Optane storage solutions and now the company has announced its fastest drive yet. Meet the new Optane SSD 905P. It features the highest random read rated at 575,000 IOPS and random write rated at 555,000 IOPs we’ve ever seen. Its 2,600MB/s sequential read and 2,200MB/s sequential write speeds might seem pedestrian compared ... Read More »

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