Wednesday , 18 October 2017
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Computing components

"Eternal" 5D Quartz media could be a apart inheritor of Blu-ray

The news done a headlines a few days ago: a group of scientists during a University of Southampton managed to furnish a support, 5D or Superman memory crystal, that has a shelf-life of scarcely 14 billion years and can store adult to 360TB of data. During an email sell with, some members of a group that worked on a ... Read More »

Intel slams doorway on Skylake overclockers who were juicing adult inexpensive CPUs

Intel has done a pierce to stop a overclocking of a customary (i.e. not unbarred ‘K’ model) Skylake processors. News that such overclocking was probable initial emerged final December, when Asrock suggested a new BIOS update that available it on a firm’s Z170 motherboards. This meant users could take a inexpensive Core i3 Skylake CPU and holder it right adult ... Read More »

AMD’s new Zen processors will embody a 32-core beast CPU

AMD is pinning a good understanding on a Zen processors due out this year, though opportunely a some-more we hear about them, a some-more earnest their altogether chances seem. And some serve info has been leaked out, pleasantness of a CERN operative who gave a speak during a IT Technical Forum on marketplace trends concerning information centres, as speckled by ... Read More »

AOC’s rapid 28-inch 4K FreeSync guard targets gamers and print editors

AOC has suggested a new 28-inch guard from a gaming operation that supports AMD’s FreeSync and has a 4K resolution. The AOC U2879VF boasts a fortitude of 3,840 x 2,160 (with a modernise rate of 60Hz) and uses an 8-bit+FRC TN row that promises decent colour correctness for those who wish to use a arrangement for a likes of print ... Read More »

New AMD FirePro S-Series can yield graphics grunt for adult to 32 PCs

AMD has denounced a new FirePro S-Series video cards, that it records are a “world first” in terms of graphics technology, being virtualised GPUs braggadocio multi-user GPU (MxGPU) tech. In other words, hang these cards in a server and they can yield practical GPUs for remote PCs that are comparatively underpowered lacking dissimilar graphics cards or a grunt to tackle ... Read More »

Sony looks to shake adult SSD locus with new 240GB and 480GB drives

Sony is putting out a operation of consumer SSDs – prop yourselves for a SLW-M series. As TechPowerup, that speckled a development, notes, Sony has been producing solid-state drives for a Japanese marketplace previously, though these units will get an general rollout. The SSDs are 2.5-inch drives ancillary SATA 3.0 and will primarily come in dual sizes – 240GB and ... Read More »

Logitech debuts G810 automatic keyboard with ‘faster than Cherry’ switches

Mechanical keyboards are really of a moment, and here’s another one from Logitech. The G810 Orion Spectrum is a full-size gaming keyboard with Romer-G automatic switches that Logitech claims give we “near-instant responsiveness”. In fact, a association reckons that pivotal presses will register adult to 25% quicker than your customary Cherry MX automatic switch. That could, in theory, be a ... Read More »

AMD’s new desktop chips run faster, cooler and quieter than ever

AMD has garnered a repute in a PC member universe of focusing on throughput over thermals, or energy over practicality. That’s been loyal for some time, though a chipmaker is looking to spin that around with a latest desktop processors for 2016. The company’s large sheet object is some-more of an ascent to one of a firm’s many renouned chips: ... Read More »

HP LaserJet printer could be a gaping hole in your confidence defences

Have we got an HP LaserJet printer tucked divided in a dilemma of a office? If that’s a case, afterwards be warned that malware peddlers could be abusing a tough expostulate on house a device. This warning comes pleasantness of confidence researcher Chris Vickery (who runs a MacKeeper blog), and he records that your HP printer has a estimable crowd ... Read More »

Samsung to launch span of cinematic 35" monitors with rapid 144Hz modernise rate

Samsung is formulation to launch a span of beast ultrawide (21:9) monitors after this year that will exaggerate a fortitude of 3440 x 1440 and will pull modernise rates on that res skywards. The dual designed displays are 30- and 35-inches and will exaggerate a modernise rate of adult to 144Hz, interjection to a use of DisplayPort 1.3 tech (previously, ... Read More »

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