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The best motherboard 2018: the top Intel and AMD motherboards we’ve seen

While not as exciting as the best processors or graphics cards, the best motherboards arguably carry more weight than any other component in your system. Not only do they serve as the backbone of your PC, but the best motherboards also feature the latest technologies behind all of the best PCs. These features will help your computer reach its full ... Read More »

Best CPU cooler 2018: top CPU coolers for your PC

What’s cooler than being cool? That’s right, keeping your PC components ice cold. And, here at TechRadar, we love building and overclocking the best gaming PCs we can get our hands on – and we know that the best CPU coolers will help you squeeze every drop of performance out of even the best processors, as the lower CPU temperatures ... Read More »

Intel’s rumored octa-core Coffee Lake-S CPU gets even faster

Earlier this week, we reported that Intel’s rumored first octa-core processor appeared with a 2.6GHz base frequency, but this forthcoming Coffee Lake-S chip might be faster after all. Intel’s eight-core CPU appeared again in the SiSoft Sandra database running at a significantly faster 3.1GHz and the processor will likely be officially announced with even faster speeds. That’s based on just ... Read More »

Intel’s CPUs with baked-in Spectre defenses could still be haunted by new variant

Remember the Meltdown and Spectre fixes that Intel is baking into its processors to make them bulletproof to these vulnerabilities at a silicon level, and which are expected to be incorporated into new CPUs that ship later this year? Well, it’s allegedly the case that those countermeasures won’t defend these chips against a new freshly-discovered Spectre flaw. Earlier this week ... Read More »

Asus’ 4K Nvidia G-Sync HDR monitor costs more than your gaming PC

Last week we were crushed by the reality of the Acer Predator X27’s $1,999 (about £1,490, AU$2,660) price tag. And if you were hoping that the other 4K Nvidia G-Sync HDR monitor was any cheaper, we’re sad to report the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is just as expensive. Once again, that two grand price is roughly the same amount you ... Read More »

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 release date, news and rumors

It’s been a while since Nvidia has released a new generation of graphics cards. Over the last year or so, we’ve been at the edge of our seats following three separate GPU architectures between Volta, Ampere and Turing, just waiting for Nvidia to reveal the real next-generation graphics architecture. Thankfully, that wait is nearly over.  Over the last few weeks, ... Read More »

The best PC gaming headset 2018

As you wait for the best graphics cards return to regular prices, you should think about the rest of your components and peripherals and how they’re getting older – one day they’ll be as obsolete as an Intel 8080 is today. And honestly, high-quality sound is severely underrated, so while you’re busy trying to fetch the highest resolutions and framerates, ... Read More »

The best PC case 2018: top cases for your desktop computer

If you’re thinking about building or buying one of the best gaming PCs, you might want to consider grabbing one of the best PC cases. Sure, they might not be as exciting as the best graphics cards, but all of those shiny and expensive components need to go somewhere right? Why not put them in the best PC case you ... Read More »

The first 4K G-Sync HDR gaming monitor hits pre-order at a budget-busting price

If you were hyped up about the very first 4K, Nvidia G-Sync HDR gaming display from Acer, the Predator X27, then try not to get too deflated by this: the thing costs $1,999 (about £1,490, AU$2,660).  The news comes via a pre-order listing on Newegg, promising that the monitors will be ready to ship on June 1. That price is ... Read More »

Samsung’s new 49-inch monitor ramps up the resolution for ultra-wide perfection

We are seeing an increasing number of huge ultra-wide monitors hitting the market these days, and apparently Samsung has another model waiting in the wings – a massive 49-inch curved screen with a resolution of 5,120 x 1,440 pixels. As TFT Central reports, this new monitor – which Samsung will purportedly begin to manufacture in September – very much builds ... Read More »

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