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SilverStone Redline Series RL06

Introduction, Design Features SilverStone’s Redline Series RL05Top 100 story as a collect for best bill chassis. And in a labs, that box is now housing a storage testbed, regulating an Asus Strix X99 Gaming motherboard and a 10-core Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition processor with an Intel NVMe SSD 750 Series foot drive. So we know it’s able of housing ... Read More »

MSI X299 SLI Plus

Introduction, Design Features The MSI X299 SLI Plus is one of a initial call of motherboards to support Intel’s Core X-Series CPUs. The motherboard straddles a business and consumer markets, able of being a substructure of a hip veteran workstation or a home-use gaming ultra-PC. And nonetheless we can find copiousness of other X299-based motherboards that are some-more sincerely designed ... Read More »

Asus ROG Strix X299-E Gaming

Introduction, Design Features Intel expelled a “Skylake-X” and “Kaby Lake-X” processors customarily this summer, underneath a incomparable powerful of a company’s new Core X-Series processors for enthusiasts. (See, for example, a examination of a Intel Core i9-7900X, for a stream top-end chip in a line that we could buy during this late-July writing.) And no surprise: Motherboard aristocrat Asus already ... Read More »

AMD Ryzen 3 1200

Introduction, Background Features [Editors’ Note: Parts of this examination seemed formerly in a examination of the AMD Ryzen 3 1300X.] AMD Ryzen 7 1800XRyzen 5 1600Xwe’ve tested and reviewed all of them, alongside chips from a new Core X-Series lineup from Intel. (The stream conduct of that line, during this writing, was a 10-core Core i9-7900XRyzen Threadripper fan chip platform is also imminent, ... Read More »

Intel Core i5-7640X

Introduction, Features Chipset Most of a time, member makers such as Intel, Nvidia, Samsung, and AMD make predicted moves when it comes to product launches: a new product era a year or so on from a final one, with a modest-to-moderate uptick in performance, and an upticked integer shoved somewhere in a product name. Sometimes, a product comes along that’s ... Read More »

AMD Ryzen 5 1400

Introduction, Features Platform Details [Editors’ Note: Parts of this examination seemed formerly in a examination of the AMD Ryzen 5 1600.] Ryzen 7 1800XRyzen 5 1600X (a six-core chip) are distant some-more fit and absolute than a company’s previous-generation FX parts. And they broach as many as 16 threads of discriminate opening during prices that are infrequently usually half of Intel’s likewise ... Read More »

SilverStone Primera PM01-RGB

Introduction, Design Features SilverStone’s grand full-tower PC box is back, with some notable upgrades and a limited-edition indication that will have we possibly grinning or cringing. The Primera PM01-RGB, that was attack U.S. retailers usually as we wrote this in late Jun 2017, has an in-your-face front row that showcases a 3 140mm intake fans with a assistance of SilverStone’s ... Read More »

Intel Core i7-7740X

Introduction, Features Chipset 2017 has been a busier year in a desktop-processor marketplace than, arguably, a final few years combined. And as we write this in late Jun 2017, we’ve still got half a year to go, with copiousness of new chips on a setting from both AMD and Intel. Let’s take a discerning demeanour during how we got here and ... Read More »

Intel Core i9-7900X

Introduction, Features Chipset Whether it’s a marketplace for cars, uninformed fruit, or a world’s many modernized silicon, foe is important. In a computing world, we’ve seen no improved denote of that than a high-end desktop marketplace over a final several years. AMD’s FX processor line, that debuted with a AMD FX-8150 approach behind in 2011, was serviceable, nonetheless it never unequivocally ... Read More »

Biostar Racing B350GT3

Introduction, Design Features Nothing shapes a PC build utterly your budget. If you’re operative with a tough roof in mind for that final cost tag, you’ll fast learn that components matter many to you. Finding those tools is substantially a easiest partial of a process, since you’re allocating some-more income to them. Trimming your expectations for a rest of your ... Read More »

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