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How to build a gaming PC for underneath £500

Ever wanted to build a resource yourself, though never had a bravery to? Or do we simply wish to build your possess tradition PC for bragging rights? Well this beam is finished for you! Here’s how to build a PC, privately a sub-£500 gaming PC. Even if we confirm to spend some-more and ascent some of a components we’ve chosen, ... Read More »

Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti Amp Extreme

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features Nvidia’s flagship consumer GPU, a GeForce GTX 980 Ti, competence be starting to feel a bit prolonged in a tooth during this theatre of a life cycle, though it’s still a many manly single-chip label we can buy. And with many DirectX 12 titles (as good as Nvidia’s next-generation architecture) still presumably a ways ... Read More »

Nvidia Pascal UK recover date, price, specs

Following on from a heralded Maxwell GPU architecture, Nvidia has now announced a inheritor – Pascal – that a association says can broach 10 times a opening of a already flattering quick brethren. Here’s all we know so distant about Pascal, how it compares to Maxwell, and when we should design to get your hands on this absolute new technology. ... Read More »

Intel is rebuilding itself on 3 pillars—and a PC isn’t one of them

Intel isn’t unequivocally a PC association any more. No, a association hasn’t stopped creation PC processors. But Intel arch executive Brian Krzanich pronounced Thursday that Intel has 3 pivotal areas of growth: a information center, a Internet of Things, and a rising memory business.  Intel reported net income of $3.6 billion from a fourth quarter, down 1 percent from a ... Read More »

Seagate reveals a gargantuan 8TB tough expostulate for NAS boxes and desktop PCs

Seagate is boosting a limit distance of a bland tough drives with an 8TB HDD optimized for NAS boxes. While incomparable consumer tough drives exist already, they tend to be for archival functions only. Seagate’s latest expostulate is designed to fit in a network-attached storage bay. NAS boxes can be used by consumers to store vast quantities of videos, photos, ... Read More »

Thermaltake Core P5 Open Air Case

Share This Review: Introduction, Design Features At a risk of sounding melodramatic, espionage a inside of a finely crafted PC can be like gazing during a work of art. What kind of art is adult for interpretation and a sculptor’s ability level. Some PCs are fast thrown together and pull comparisons to a wannabe Picasso. Others vaunt an courtesy to fact ... Read More »

Seagate touts fastest desktop expostulate and slimmest 2TB backup drive

Seagate and a LaCie auxiliary currently announced during CES a new line of backup tough drives, in both desktop and mobile form factors, that competition adult to 8TB of capacity. Seagate’s new Backup Plus Ultra Slim is a company’s thinnest mobile backup tough expostulate to date, charity possibly 1TB or 2TB of ability in a 9.6mm (3/8-in) thick aluminum case. ... Read More »

SanDisk reveals a world’s thinnest 1TB SSD

SanDisk currently announced during CES a accessibility of a new SanDisk X400 SSD, what it is job a world’s thinnest 1TB M.2 form cause plain state expostulate (SSD). “It is a initial single-sided 1TB SATA M.2 form cause with a small 1.5mm height,” a association pronounced in a statement. SanDisk The M.2 (gumstick) chronicle of a X400 SSD. The prior ... Read More »

New ride drives container faster speeds, ability with USB 3.1 support

It’ll take reduction time to send files from a PC to a ride expostulate with faster USB 3.1 inclination announced during CES, that also have storage ability touching 512GB. The new ride drives block directly into USB 3.1 ports in PCs, that are faster during record transfers than USB 3.0 drives. A 64GB peep expostulate is permitted for as small ... Read More »

Best SSDs 2016 UK

In this essay we offer ubiquitous storage- and SSD shopping advice, before removing into a nitty dirty of SSD reviews. But if we usually wish to burst down to it, click here to go true to a reviews of a 6 best SSDs we can buy in a UK in 2016. Best SSD 2016: SSDs shopping advice Solid-state is standard-issue ... Read More »

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