Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Snoop Dogg’s best technology moments

THE INQUIRER has adopted some rappers, including the very laid back Snoop Dogg, the more excitable Xzibit, and Kanye West, who we think still occasionally raps. Snoop is our favourite by a small margin and is probably the one with the deepest ties in technology. We want to celebrate the man who tried to bring a little swagger into Twitter ... Read More »

Lone hacker, not Russian spies, responsible for Democratic Party breach

RED-FACED SECURITY OUTFIT CrowdStrike has admitted that the Russian government wasn’t responsible for a hack on the Democratic Party after lone hacker Guccifer 2 claimed that he was responsible for the breach.  CrowdStrike claimed earlier this week that hackers acting for Russian security services have penetrated the networks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the formal governing body of the US ... Read More »

Bluetooth 5 launches and blasts its predecessors out of the water

BLUETOOTH 5 is here! The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) made the announcement at an event in London today, revealing that the standard is now bigger, badder and better than ever before. The major upgrade is set for release in the latter part of 2016 or early 2017, and the Bluetooth SIG promises that the range will quadruple, the speed ... Read More »

Russian xDedic marketplace nightmare is selling access to 70,000 hacked servers

THE UNCEASING SECURITY sword wagglers at Kaspersky Lab have stumbled into the kind of marketplace that nice, normal people do not want to go into. In this instance, it’s the so-called xDedic forums where stolen personal details are on sale. Insecurity companies deal with millions of threats a day so when they pause to look at one in great detail ... Read More »

LinkedIn will become Microsoft’s next Clippy

CASH-SPLURGER Satya Nadella has given some more insight into his plans for LinkedIn after spending a frankly unreal $26bn on the company, effectively seeing it as a new version of Clippy. Nadella explained in an email sent to Microsoft’s no doubt bewildered staff why he thinks the acquisition of the world’s biggest business social network makes sense. “How people find ... Read More »

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2bn

Microsoft has announced plans to acquire business social networking site LinkedIn for a phenomenal $26.2bn – in cash. The deal was announced today by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, who will stay at the helm of the company, which will become part of Microsoft’s Productivity and Business Process “segment”, but report to Nadella. Related articles The acquisition ... Read More »

5 of the best social media hacks

IN A WEEK when the LinkedIn hacker who is supposedly selling 167 million account details online has reportedly put a further 33 million Twitter log-ins on the dark web, and when celebrities such as Drake and Kylie Jenner add themselves to a celebrity hacking hall of fame, we thought it would be a good idea to run down what we ... Read More »

Thieves are dressing up as Apple staff to steal Apple stuff

CUPERTINO KIT-COVETING costumed criminals are brazenly walking into Apple stores dressed as so-called Geniuses and wandering out with thousands of pounds’ worth of kit. We’ve seen a number of reports about this kind of caper, including one from DNAinfo in New York about a theft from the Apple store in SoHo in which a man, a plan, a blue polo ... Read More »

uTorrent forums hack sees 35,000 accounts comprimised

BITTORRENT HAS WARNED that its uTorrents forum has suffered a breach, and has advised all users to change their passwords. The uTorrent forums has tens of thousands of visitors a day and over 388,000 registered members, according to TorrentFreak, but Have I Been Pwned? said that roughly 35,000 accounts have been compromised.  BitTorrent hasn’t said much about the intrusion, but ... Read More »

INQ debate: The IoT is an existential threat for technology adoption laggards

THE INQ DEBATE is back, this time tackling the Internet of Things (IoT) and discussing whether it’s an existential threat for technology adoption laggards. The IoT is now all around us as consumers, be it with wearables, internet-connected thermostats or connected cars, but the subject long remained taboo in the enterprise world.  Things are starting to change, though. A recent survey by ... Read More »

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