Thursday , 16 August 2018
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Icann postpones a significant update for DNS because the internet can’t handle it

ICANN, THE OCCASIONALLY controversial US-backed internet overseer, has admitted that it must postpone a planned crypto change to the Domain Name System (DNS) because the internet can’t quite deal with it right now. This is something of a blow for Icann, which was looking to make a radical change with the cryptographic switch. “Changing the key involves generating a new cryptographic ... Read More »

Europol dubs ransomware a top threat and an epidemic

CRIME FIGHTING GANG Europol has produced a report that found that ransomware is a major threat and has reached epidemic proportions. It is preaching to the choir here because we had already worked that out, but Europol carries more weight than we do so we can’t dismiss it out of hand. Besides, they might nick us for something. “The report provides ... Read More »

TfL denies it wants to to sell passenger data collected via WiFi tracking scheme

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TfL) has denied reports that it is planning to sell information gathered by tracking the WiFi signals from Tube passenger’s mobile phones. Sky News had reported that, despite promising otherwise, TfL is planning to sell this information to third parties and hopes to raise £322m by doing so. And the Open Rights Group (ORG) warned about TfL’s ... Read More »

Does VR have a place in UC&C?

Unified communications is usually thought about in terms of existing systems: telephony, instant messenger and video.  It is easy to forget that the entire point of UC is to enhance collaboration, removing barriers between employees who are physically separated. Virtual reality could be the perfect solution – at least according to Microsoft and Cisco. Just over a week ago, Cisco ... Read More »

Skype for Business to be binned in favour of Microsoft Teams

MICROSOFT HAS ANNOUNCED THAT, in the not-too-distant future, Skype for Business will be replaced by Microsoft Teams.  Teams is less than a year old, but is set to replace Skype for Business – which itself replaced Lync in 2015 – as Microsoft’s preferred corporate chat tool. It is an extension of Office 365 Groups, pulling in various Microsoft apps like ... Read More »

Microsoft to replace Skype for Business

Data Insight in association with IBM The channel looks at how storage software is fuelling the future of IT, as we explore analytics, insight, virtualisation and other hot topics storage plays a vital role in defining. Security Spotlight in association with Malwarebytes The channel looks at all things security, including all the news, analyses, opinion and research into these new, yet ... Read More »

Security breach exposes data from half a million vehicle tracking devices

SECURITY RESEARCHERS have uncovered a security breach exposing half a million vehicle tracking accounts and details. Discovered by Kromtech security, the breach reveals information about the customers of US vehicle recovery device and monitoring company SVR Tracking, as well as the physical devices that are attached to the cars. The exposed data, which includes customer credentials, was unearthed through a ... Read More »

WhatsApp is unlikely to support Theresa May’s backdoor demands

ENCRYPTED CHAT THING WhatsApp is very unlikely to embrace demands from Theresa May to do anything, according to a report on Sky News, because it has already told the UK government to shove its backdoor access talk where the sun does not shine. Sky News, a Murdoch outfit, reports that the UK Government demanded that WhatsApp comes up with a ... Read More »

The EC accused of burying a report that found that piracy isn’t that costly

THE BODS AT THE European Commission has been accused of burying a report into piracy and its effect on industry and artists because it did not produce the negative result that it was looking for. The report (PDF) was loaded from the start. The EC threw some ones and a lot of zeroes at a Dutch consultancy in 2014 to look ... Read More »

Atlassian and 8×8 confirm collaboration

CORRECTIONS: This article originally stated that the companies would be merging; Atlassian and 8×8 have contacted us to confirm that that is not the case. Cloud communications company 8×8 is working with Atlassian, owner of Trello, HipChat and now Stride, to create applications that will work in many areas of the unified communications market. The companies will develop and go to market ... Read More »

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