Tuesday , 24 October 2017
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Cloud Computing

IDG Contributor Network: In an bid to get the residence in order, Docker containerizes and ships out the CEO

Big changes for Docker Inc. What’s behind them, and what does it mean? News that Docker Inc., a blurb classification behind a open source Docker initiative, has transposed a CEO will come as a startle to many, and not to others. we recently covered some PR blunders that Docker has done though these, to be honest, are simply symptoms of ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Microsoft launches a slew of IoT-related offerings

By Andy Patrizio, star Advisor, Computerworld | Apr 28, 2017 7:29 AM PT Read More »

Mingis on Tech: How IT can prep for robots and equivocate large cloud gotchas

If it seems like a day when robots invade a workplace is sketch ever closer, that’s since it is. But they’re not indispensably entrance for a jobs — during least, not yet. In fact, they’re more expected to be holding over basic tasks so that workers can get behind to a business of being some-more productive. But a entrance robotics ... Read More »

Comcast Business offers approach tie to IBM Cloud network

Comcast Business announced Thursday it now offers direct, dedicated network links to a IBM Cloud tellurian network. The pierce positions Comcast Business, a section of Comcast, to contest opposite ATT, Verizon, Bell Canada and telecom use providers already charity IBM Cloud Direct Link services. Comcast Business already claims to be a nation’s biggest wire provider to tiny and mid-sized businesses. ... Read More »

On-premises HR users risk being left behind, Oracle says

Oracle is revelation business that a destiny of a HR height will be in a cloud. It’s perplexing to do this yet shocking users who horde a applications internally. Users of on-premises PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite HR complement users won’t be deserted as cloud use grows, Oracle promises. These systems will get unchanging updates and new features. There’s no end-of-life ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Sprinklr takes on a large boys of patron experience

So-called patron knowledge government (CXM) is a ubiquitous tenure for record solutions that assistance companies broach all of a things that faces their patron — marketing, advertising, support services and a indeed blurb transaction functions. Different vendors proceed it in opposite ways. Adobe, for example, comes to it from a artistic viewpoint and goes complicated on a calm origination tools. ... Read More »

Review: Amazon QuickSight covers a BI basics

When we reviewed self-service exploratory business comprehension (BI) products in 2015, we lonesome a strengths and weaknesses of Tableau 9.0, Qlik Sense 2.0, and Microsoft Power BI. As we forked out during a time, these 3 products offer a operation of information access, discovery, and cognisance capabilities during a operation of prices, with Tableau a many able and expensive, Qlik ... Read More »

Google’s Espresso networking tech takes SD-WAN to internet scale

Google is operative to accelerate a opening of a applications over a internet by building out a software-defined network during extended scale. On Tuesday, a association announced Espresso, a complement that provides increasing network opening to users of a company’s applications. It works by requesting software-defined networking to a corner of a tech titan’s network, where Google connects to a ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: With HelloWorks, HelloSign finds a holy grail of digitalization

Innovation mostly displays an engaging progression. In a initial stages we see an existent routine or complement being cloned in another medium. While this competence expostulate routine efficiencies, that’s about all it achieves. But with adequate vision, off that substructure we can see creation swell to marginal functionality and, eventually, to essentially reinvent a approach things are done. Having watched ... Read More »

Amazon Connect brings hit centers to AWS

Amazon currently expelled Connect, a hit core as a use charity hosted in a Amazon Web Services cloud. The pierce represents AWS attempting to burst into a burgeoning marketplace for cloud-based hit core software, while stability to pull AWS into a craving communications market. Just final month AWS announced Chime, a cloud-based Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) offering. +MORE ... Read More »

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