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Cloud Computing

Don’t be the fool in the cloud

When I hear people worrying about cloud security, they’re usually shaking in their boots about some obscure bug beyond their control. Ha! Ordinary, stupid human mistakes are more than bad enough. For example, Accenture left hundreds of gigabytes of private user and corporate data on four unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud servers. The data included passwords and decryption ... Read More »

Developers race to support iOS 11 and its Files app

It looks like developers were just waiting for Apple to introduce the Files app in iOS 11. Within hours of the introduction of the feature, we’ve seen multiple developers introduce Files support, and it seems abundantly clear the app is going to transform how people approach iOS productivity. What is Apple’s Files app? Files is Apple’s approach to real file ... Read More »

What is Microsoft Azure Stack? | Tech Talk Pilot Episode, Pt 1

Network World | Jul 18, 2017 Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft’s upcoming private cloud offering, Azure Stack, as editors discuss its expected benefits and drawbacks. Read More »

iCloud security: How (and why) to enable two-factor authentication

Given that so many of the details of our digital lives are either with us (on our smartphones) or easily accessible (via the web), you should be doing everything you can to protect that information and data. On iPhones and iPads, data is largely kept in a vault, sealed behind strong encryption and (hopefully) a strong password. Even if the ... Read More »

CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about VMware’s strategy and partnerships

Network World | Aug 22, 2017 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks with IDG Enterprise Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr about the company’s strategy, future initiatives and new partnerships. Read More »

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger on edge computing, the latest trend in decentralization

Network World | Aug 22, 2017 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about edge computing, including a consistent and secure management strategy. Read More »

Review: 4 online backup services keep your data safe

In the 15 years that I’ve been running a small company, I have survived several malware attacks. The only thing that kept me in business was a reliable backup of my data. When it comes to my data (if not my pants), I’m a belt and suspenders kind of person: In addition to periodically copying my two key work folders ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Challenges in realizing the promises of the holistic edge

Cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are already rolling out distributed cloud infrastructure. Whilst the central cloud is established as an integral part of current and future networks, there are key issues that make the central cloud simply not the solution to several use cases. Latency, also known as the Laws of Physics: The longer the distance ... Read More »

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about recent cloud announcements

Network World | Aug 23, 2017 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about the company’s recent cloud announcements, as well as future global availability. Read More »

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger: ‘Containers are cool’

Network World | Aug 23, 2017 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about open source and container technology. Read More »

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