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Cloud Computing

NetSuite co-founder Evan Goldberg talks strategy

Video QA transcript: NetSuite owner Evan Goldberg talks strategy How has a Oracle merger influenced a product roadmap? Absolutely, a roadmap has been all about more. We’re going to some-more countries than we ever did as an eccentric company, we’re aggressive some-more verticals and even microverticals and there’s only generally some-more resources for us to build a functionality that a ... Read More »

Google Pixelbook: What a naysayers are missing

The reviews are in for Google’s $999 Pixelbook — and a strenuous results? Well, they aren’t accurately surprising. Let me sum adult a common end for you, in a nutshell: The Pixelbook is a beautiful, spectacular, and impossibly well-built device. In fact, it’s one of a many considerable computers we’ve ever seen! But, oh: It runs Chrome OS, so we ... Read More »

Don’t be a dope in a cloud

When we hear people worrying about cloud security, they’re customarily jolt in their boots about some problematic bug over their control. Ha! Ordinary, foolish tellurian mistakes are some-more than bad enough. For example, Accenture left hundreds of gigabytes of private user and corporate information on 4 unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud servers. The information enclosed passwords and decryption ... Read More »

Developers competition to support iOS 11 and the Files app

It looks like developers were only watchful for Apple to deliver a Files app in iOS 11. Within hours of a introduction of a feature, we’ve seen churned developers deliver Files support, and it seems extravagantly transparent a app is going to renovate how people proceed iOS productivity. What is Apple’s Files app? Files is Apple’s proceed to genuine record ... Read More »

What is Microsoft Azure Stack? | Tech Talk Pilot Episode, Pt 1

Network World | Jul 18, 2017 Learn a details and outs of Microsoft’s arriving private cloud offering, Azure Stack, as editors plead the approaching advantages and drawbacks. Read More »

iCloud security: How (and why) to capacitate two-factor authentication

Given that so many of a sum of a digital lives are possibly with us (on a smartphones) or simply permitted (via a web), we should be doing all we can to strengthen that information and data. On iPhones and iPads, information is mostly kept in a vault, hermetic behind clever encryption and (hopefully) a clever password. Even if a ... Read More »

CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about VMware’s plan and partnerships

Network World | Aug 22, 2017 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks with IDG Enterprise Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr about a company’s strategy, destiny initiatives and new partnerships. Read More »

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger on corner computing, a latest trend in decentralization

Network World | Aug 22, 2017 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks about corner computing, including a unchanging and secure government strategy. Read More »

Review: 4 online backup services keep your information safe

In a 15 years that I’ve been regulating a tiny company, we have survived several malware attacks. The usually thing that kept me in business was a arguable backup of my data. When it comes to my information (if not my pants), I’m a belt and suspenders kind of person: In serve to intermittently duplicating my dual pivotal work folders ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Challenges in realizing a promises of a holistic edge

Cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are already rolling out distributed cloud infrastructure. Whilst a executive cloud is determined as an constituent partial of stream and destiny networks, there are pivotal issues that make a executive cloud simply not a resolution to several use cases. Latency, also famous as a Laws of Physics: The longer a stretch ... Read More »

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