Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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AMD Zen promises adult to 32 cores for desktop and server computing

AMD IS PLANNING to things as many as 32 cores into a stirring Zen x86 microarchitecture as it tries to emerge from Intel’s shadow.  That’s according to a trickle by an operative during CERN, a European systematic laboratory, who incidentally suggested a sum in a presentation final week on record trends in a information centre. AMD has long-trailed skeleton to beef-up a ... Read More »

Qualcomm outs Snapdragon X16 LTE modem with 1Gbps download speed support

CHIPMAKER Qualcomm has treated us to several announcements brazen of a fast-approaching Mobile World Congress (MWC), including a launch of a initial LTE modem to support 1Gbps speeds. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 LTE modem is a initial to broach fibre-like LTE Category 16 download speeds of adult to 1Gbps which, in theory, will concede we to download a 4K film in ... Read More »

Imagination Technologies is punishment Pure radio to tune-in on GPU tech

SMARTPHONE AND TABLET MAKER Imagination Technologies is looking to sell off a Pure digital radio formula in a bid to restructure a association and cut handling costs. Digital radio fans will recognize a Pure brand’s retro-looking radios. But Imagination had clearly had adequate of creation twee trannies and is eyeing adult technologies for a Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D ... Read More »

AMD takes aim during gamers with initial desktop Excavator chips

CHIPMAKER AMD has denounced a handful of new processors as partial of a 2016 desktop refresh, including a initial chip formed on a Excavator core to aim desktop PCs. The organisation will also recover new motherboards with high-speed USB 3.1 ports and connectors to support M.2 Sata SSDs. AMD’s new desktop processors are accessible now, and directed customarily during a ... Read More »

Google lumps Malwarebytes with a bad confidence news and a lot of homework

GOOGLE’S SECURITY street squad Project Zero has been kicking silt in a face of Malwarebytes and picking a firm’s insurance precautions apart. Malwarebytes customarily wears a foot in this kind of thing, though Project Zero has taken a punt in a confidence firm’s instruction and indicted it of all sorts of bad things. This is not a initial time that ... Read More »

Google stairs in to stop we clicking on bad adverts

THINGS OF INTERNET COMPANY Google is still chipping divided during formulating a secure online knowledge and has usually unearthed a new component for protected browsing that stops click-happy idiots doing click-stupid things. The complement will burst adult in front of those pleasant ‘click here’ adverts that always cocktail adult on a internet, and ask we to cruise possibly we unequivocally ... Read More »

Imagination unveils next-gen PowerVR Series7 GPUs

IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES has announced a subsequent era GPUs, a PowerVR Series7 GT7200 Plus and GT7400 Plus, formed on a firm’s latest Rogue pattern as seen on a likes of Intel Atom and MediaTek smartphone chips. The graphics processors are partial of a new PowerVR Series7XT Plus family, that Imagination calls “state-of-the-art, high-end GPUs” directed during a reward and mid-range segments ... Read More »

CES 2016: Intel-powered Daqri Smart Helmet and Yuneec worker eyes-on

LAS VEGAS: INTEL’S CES PRESS CONFERENCE was one of a some-more weird we witnessed this year. The organisation demonstrated a capabilities of RealSense and Curie, a small wearables chip denounced during final year’s CES, as against to phenomenon new processors or hardware.  This ‘experience’ focused showcase concerned all from an on-stage parkour demonstration, to a conform uncover and a workman ... Read More »

CES 2016: Imagination Creator Ci40 and PowerVR Ray Tracing eyes-on

LAS VEGAS: IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES is fast apropos one of a many sparkling companies in tech. We held adult with a British outfit during CES in Las Vegas, where a organisation is showcasing a next-gen PowerVR Series7 GPUs, Creator Ci40 IoT growth house and a ray tracing complement on a firm’s PowerVR GR6500 mobile GPU. First up, we took a demeanour during ... Read More »

Intel admits to Skylake bug that freezes Windows and Linux systems

INTEL HAS ADMITTED that a latest 6th-generation Core Skylake processors are pang from a bug that can means mechanism systems to freeze. The bug, that doesn’t nonetheless have a name, was unclosed by German computing village Hardwareluxx.de, and is pronounced to start in Windows and Linux when a complement needs to perform formidable workloads. It was after reliable by program ... Read More »

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