Monday , 18 December 2017
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Take cover: Wikileaks releases some-more CIA malware code

WIKILEAKS HAS published formula and papers detailing Hive, a control member for a CIA’s immeasurable apartment of malware, in a latest recover from the Vault7 cache of US comprehension group malware.  The CIA also, a papers suggest, calculated Kaspersky and Thawte digital certificates in sequence to facade some of a dodgy activities from targets.   It is now, of course, usually a matter of ... Read More »

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 636 processor will move ultra-wide 18:9 displays to mid-tier devices

QUALCOMM HAS ANNOUNCED a Snapdragon 636 mobile, er, platform, that looks to move ultra-wide displays to mid-range devices. Improving on a Snapdragon 630 before it, Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 636 processor supports ultra-wide 18:9 FHD+ (2,160×1080) displays, that means high-end screens could shortly be on their approach to mid-tier smartphones. Support for Assertive Display is enclosed too, that should make for ... Read More »

Intel’s Nervana AI chips take aim during Nvidia GPUs

CHIPMAKER Intel has shown off what it describes as a “industry’s initial neural network processor”, as it looks to take on Nvidia’s GPU lineup. The microchip hulk says it will be shipping a Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP) by a finish of a year, and that it is collaborating with, er, Facebook in sequence to rise a AI capabilities. In a ... Read More »

Qualcomm demonstrates operative 5G handset able of 5Gbps download speeds

QUALCOMM HAS taken a latest hulk jump towards a 5G landscape with a initial exam of a super (duper) quick tie on a mobile device. The 5G modem was initial announced a year ago though yesterday it seemed as a X50, in a exam within a code new Qualcomm anxiety pattern handset that a association will be regulating to exam ... Read More »

Intel eyes AMD’s Epyc with launch of Skylake-based ‘Purley’ Xeon processors

CHIPMAKER Intel has denounced a new array of ‘Purley’ Xeon server processors formed on a new Skylake-SP architecture.  The new Intel Xeon SP (‘Scalable Platform’) CPUs, that underline adult to 28 processor cores per hollow and 6 terabytes of complement memory, were denounced in New York on Tuesday, and a organisation claims a 1.65 times opening boost, on average, compared to the prior ... Read More »

Intel to start prolongation of 8th-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ CPUs this month

CHIPMAKER Intel’s arriving 8th-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ CPUs will use a new chronicle of a LGA 1151 hollow and will come in two, 4 and six-core configurations, according to a array of leaked slides that explain that a collection could arrive as shortly as August.  The slides, published by the Videocardz website, come around a circular play of Chinese website PCEva. They advise ... Read More »

Intel will betray 8th-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ processors on 21 August

CHIPMAKER Intel has announced that it will launch a 8th-gen Core processors, codenamed ‘Coffee Lake’, on 21 August.  Intel’s teaser says that punters examination a Facebook Live (ugh) phenomenon can design to learn about Coffee Lake’s “blazing fast” opening and VR credentials, while also throwing a glance of some of a ‘amazing complement designs’ formed on 8th-gen Intel Core processors. ... Read More »

Wikileaks outs CIA ‘CouchPotato’ apparatus for hacking IoT cameras

WHISTLEBLOWING DOCUMENT FOUNDATION WikiLeaks continues to supplement to a flourishing trove of purported CIA documents, famous as Vault 7, with a user beam for a programme called CouchPotato, that is designed to constraint video from IoT cameras. Critics of WikiLeaks have pronounced that a papers posted to Vault 7 are several years out of date, though this request is comparatively ... Read More »

Toshiba chip biz sale hold adult due to payments brawl and WD interference

THE SALE OF Toshiba’s chip biz has reportedly been hold adult due to a brawl over a payments schedule, along with a continued doubt caused by a firm’s ongoing brawl with Western Digital. Toshiba’s elite bidder for a unit, a consortium led by private equity outfit Bain Capital, is unsettled by a ongoing brawl between Toshiba and Western Digital, according ... Read More »

Qualcomm is bringing Kinect-style AR tech to next-gen Android phones

CHIPMAKER Qualcomm is bringing Kinect-style depth-sensing record to Android inclination with a second-generation Spectra Module Program.  While Qualcomm’s prior modules and picture vigilance processors (ISPs) focused on low-light photography and catered to a new trend in twin back camera technology, the firm’s new Spectra Module Program and second-generation Spectra ISP will open mobile inclination adult to high-resolution abyss intuiting and better biometric ... Read More »

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