Friday , 23 March 2018
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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X24 LTE modem trounces twine broadband speeds

QUALCOMM HAS KNOCKED-OUT an LTE modem chip that claims to broach speeds twice as quick as a twine connection. The Snapdragon X24 LTE competence not sound like anything to get a tech glands all fizzy, though it claims to be a ‘world’s many modernized 4G chip’ means to broach honestly absurd 2Gbps download speeds. It hits such download speeds by aggregating ... Read More »

Intel’s new 18-core Xeon chip takes aim during self-driving cars and IoT tech

INTEL WANTS to get adult all inside inclination that slink on a corner of networks with a new 18-core Xeon D-2100 processor. Traditionally, Xeon chips have been a domain of workstations and server machines, churning divided during video digest or crunching craving workloads. But Intel’s new Xeon chipset is a SoC that’s designed to move brawny opening to inclination that lay ... Read More »

Intel pushes out uninformed Spectre patch for Skylake machines after initial borkage

INTEL HAS RELEASED a uninformed microcode refurbish to tackle a Spectre smirch for Skylake processors after a initial patch done a right disaster of things. The chipmaker was forced to advise a business to not to use a initial patch it pushed out to exorcise a Spectre flaw, as a rushed repair was causing Broadwell and Haswell CPUs to incidentally ... Read More »

Nvidia posts 34 per cent income swell as GPU sales soar

GPU AND AI-OBSESSED NVIDIA has posted some considerable financial formula for a final entertain of a finish of final year. The organisation suggested in its Q4 gain news 2017 that a sum revenues for a entertain swelled by a large 34 per cent from a prior year, with a income for a full mercantile year attack $9.71bn, adult by 41 ... Read More »

MIT researchers have attempted to pattern chips that work like a tellurian brain

RESEARCHERS AT MIT have attempted to settlement mechanism chips that work like a tellurian mind (hopefully, a tellurian mind of someone comparatively normal). Dubbing a investigate partial of a rising margin of “neuromorphic computing”, a group of engineers during a university have apparently designed an “artificial synapse” that means they can precisely control a strength of an electric stream issuing opposite ... Read More »

Broadcom desperately throws some-more income during Qualcomm takeover bid

BROADCOM IS REPORTEDLY upping a offer for chipmaker Qualcomm to $145bn after a prior bids were rejected. The Snapdragon chipmaker has thus distant refused buy-out offers from a opposition wireless chip giant, branch down a $130bn bid. But like those creepy blokes we hear about on a internet, Broadcom doesn’t like a word ‘no’. The organisation has ramped adult a ... Read More »

Microsoft releases puncture patch to invalidate Intel’s bork-ridden Spectre fix

MICROSOFT HAS expelled an puncture patch to deactivate a Intel’s, er, puncture patch that was causing pointless reboots and shiz. In a resplendent instance of usually what a disaster this whole Spectre/Meltdown malarky is, let’s mangle this down… The chips were found to have vulnerabilities, so a chip businessman expelled new firmware designed to lessen a risk. It’s not a finish ... Read More »

Qualcomm rakes in fender chip revenues notwithstanding Apple royalties spat

QUALCOMM IS ROLLING in cash, or during slightest revenue, as it has sole shedloads of chips for use in all demeanour of things, notwithstanding Apple refusing to cough-up on income owed. The chip builder flogs SoCs and other components that find their approach into flagship Android phones, cars, intelligent inclination and some flattering lifeless things like modems. Having fingers in so ... Read More »

Samsung is creation ASIC chips for crypto mining to indurate the lead over Intel

THE KING IS DEAD, prolonged live a king! Samsung is a new tip dog in a chip-making game, carrying bumped Intel into second place, and reliable it will make cryptocurrency mining chips to indurate a lead. For 25 years Intel ruled a roost as a world’s largest chipmaker. But changes in fortunes, a pierce to mobile, and arguably a miss ... Read More »

NSA expunges ‘honesty’ and ‘openness’ from the core values

THE US NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY (NSA) has removed ‘honesty’ as the tip priority in a goal matter and transposed it with ‘commitment to service’.  The change, initial beheld by The Intercept, means that a ‘core values’ listed on given during slightest May 2016 have been altered, with a collection about ‘honesty’ and a ‘pledge to be truthful’ removed. The new tip ... Read More »

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