Tuesday , 24 October 2017
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Samsung throws $1bn during Texas fab as US pushes for home-grown chip development

SAMSUNG HAS ANNOUNCED skeleton to chuck $1bn during a Texas semiconductor trickery to boost prolongation of smartphone SoCs.  The organisation suggested that it will deposit some-more than $1bn in a Austin trickery by a finish of Jun 2017, no doubt in a bid to negate a waste in a crisis-hit smartphone division.  Samsung is the world’s second-largest chipmaker behind Intel, and ... Read More »

Broadcom buys Brocade for £4.8bn in bid to accelerate storage biz

BROADCOM is throwing nonetheless some-more money around with a proclamation of a $5.9bn (around £4.8bn) understanding to acquire Brocade. The merger is dictated to strengthen Broadcom’s participation in a storage hardware sector, quite in a storage area of networking technology. However, Broadcom isn’t meddlesome in Brocade’s wireless networking side and will demeanour to punt it out to a top bidder ... Read More »

British Airways promises WiFi on infancy of short-haul flights

THE RELENTLESS MARCH OF WIFI continues with British Airways confirming that hundreds of short-haul flights will be versed with WiFi in a entrance years after BA primogenitor association IAG sealed a understanding with satellite broadband provider Inmarsat. In sum 132 BA planes will be versed with pack to accept WiFi so that passengers can get online while in a atmosphere ... Read More »

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for gaming outperforms a Titan X

NVIDIA HAS announced a latest flagship GPU for gamers, a brutal GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The new launch sees Nvidia pass a possess AI GPU, a Titan X, in terms of speed, with a new GPU charity 35 percent some-more opening that a prior GTX 1080 and 78 per cent some-more grunt than a GTX 1070. Packing 11GB of GDDR5X ... Read More »

Chinese researchers to finish quantum encryption network subsequent month

CHINA WILL finish a 2,000km ‘quantum’ network joining Beijing with a coastal city of Shanghai subsequent month in a plan led by researchers from a University of Science and Technology of China to rise quantum cryptography and communications. The aim is to yield a secure, dedicated communications couple for supervision and counterclaim that can't be tapped by unfamiliar comprehension services. ... Read More »

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X20 LTE modem offers 1.2Gbps download speeds

CHIPMAKER Qualcomm has kicked off this year’s pre-MWC launches with a phenomenon of a Snapdrapdragon X20, an LTE modem able of download speeds adult to 1.2Gbps.  The Snapdragon X20 is a inheritor to final year’s X16, that arrived as a firm’s first-generation Gigabit LTE modem. Improving on a predecessor, a X20 supports speeds of adult to 1.2Gbps, a 20 per ... Read More »

Intel prepares for 5G with launch of XMM 7560 Gigabit LTE modem

CHIPMAKER Intel is environment a sights resolutely on Qualcomm with a launch of a XMM 7560, an LTE modem that promises download speeds “exceeding” 1Gbps. Arriving as the inheritor to final year’s XMM 7480, Intel’s new modem is a initial to be built on a firm’s 14nm prolongation processor, and offers Gigabit LTE speeds in a singular SKU with tellurian ... Read More »

Intel sum Goldmont design that will energy 14nm Apollo Lake processors

CHIPMAKER INTEL has spilled some-more sum about a Goldmont microarchitecture that will energy a firm’s 14nm Atom, Pentium and Celeron microprocessors. The new information comes after Intel updated a x86-64 programming guides, providing developers with some-more information about Goldmont. The microarchitecture was launched during a Intel Developer Forum in China in April, and a association has done transparent that it ... Read More »

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835: 10nm Samsung-built chip debuts Quick Charge 4.0

CHIPMAKER Qualcomm has announced a Snapdragon 835, a next-generation mobile processor and a initial to be built on a 10nm FinFET prolongation process.  The Snapdragon 835 – not a Snapdragon 830, as approaching – will be built by Samsung, a initial association to start mass producing chips regulating a 10nm prolongation process.  Compared with Qualcomm’s stream 14nm Snapdragon 821 processor, ... Read More »

GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre opens for business following delays

THE MUCH DELAYED National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), that was creatively designed as prolonged ago as Jun 2009 by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, strictly opens for business on Tuesday. The centre is shaped in London, nearby Victoria, and is headed by Ciaran Martin, before executive ubiquitous for cyber during GCHQ.  Tuesday’s launch follows steady promises and delays in environment adult ... Read More »

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