Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Nvidia Tegra X1 smirch allows all Nintendo Switch consoles to be hacked

HACKERS HAVE REVEALED how Nintendo’s Switch can be finished to run capricious formula by an feat of an unpatchable smirch in a console’s Nvidia Tegra X1 chip. Katherine Temkin, a self-confessed hardware hacker from a ReSwitched hacking team, posted sum of a proof-of-concept feat a group is job Fusée Gelée. The feat creates use of a disadvantage during a silicon turn ... Read More »

ARM unveils dual new processor architectures designed for on-device AI

ARM IS ARMING a prop of processor designs with synthetic comprehension (AI) tech, jumping on-board a appurtenance training train. The dual processor architectures will be mint rather than formed on prior ARM designs. The initial will take aim during ancillary appurtenance training (ML) workloads, while a other has been designed for intent showing (OD). The former, dubbed ARM ML for ... Read More »

Facebook is employing a chip engineer in apparent AI hardware push

WHILE IT WEATHERS a information scandal courtesy of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is looking during building a possess chips as partial of a pull into hardware. You’d consider Zuckerberg and pals already have copiousness on their plates, what WhatsApp, Instagram, plans to lamp a internet to remote areas and a horde of other projects, though a amicable network is looking to sinecure new ... Read More »

AMD’s Ryzen 2 processors have been overclocked over 5GHz

AMD’S RYZEN 2 processors are set to be correct powerhouses as a Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X chips have been overclocked over a preposterously nippy 5.8GHz. The chipmaker didn’t grasp these superfast speeds, rather it was a efforts of a PC fan going by a name of ‘TSAIK’, according to TechPowerUp. Out of a box, the arriving second-generation ... Read More »

Intel boosts bug annuity module in arise of Meltdown and Spectre flaws

INTEL IS OPENING UP its bug annuity program to some-more researchers in a wish of in a arise of a Meltdown and Spectre chip vulnerabilities.  Having been held with a pants down over Meltdown and Spectre, it’s no warn a chip builder is looking for a small some-more bug spotting help. Launched behind in Mar 2017, a Intel Bug Bounty Program was set ... Read More »

AMD confirms it’s started building ‘exciting’ Zen 5 architecture

CHIPMAKER AMD has reliable that a company currently in a routine of developing Zen 5, a microarchitecture that will energy a Ryzen microprocessor several generations from now.  Speaking in a roundtable contention video entitled “Ryzen Processors: One Year Later” (below) on Tuesday, several AMD executives revealed that they are already operative on Zen 5, adding that they have to devise a record several ... Read More »

Qualcomm unveils the initial chips designed for IoT gadgets

AMERICAN CHIPMAKER Qualcomm has denounced a initial chipsets built privately for Internet of Things (IoT) inclination as partial of a new Vision Intelligence Platform. In a bid extend a prevalence over smartphones, Qualcomm’s new venture aims to get a firm’s chips into IoT gadgets, from security and wearable cameras to robots and intelligent displays. The company’s initial twin chips, the QCS605 and ... Read More »

Nvidia GTC: The new Disneyland Star Wars float runs on Nvidia Quadro graphics

SAN JOSE, USA One of a highlights of yesterday’s GTC keynote was a proof of a subsequent large Disneyland float – a new Star Wars captivate called Galaxy’s Edge. NVIDIA has reliable that it is operative with Disney to emanate a demeanour of a VR float alongside Epic Games. The float will engage a outing on a Millennium Falcon to ... Read More »

Apple skeleton to embankment Intel in foster of in-house Mac chips

APPLE REPORTEDLY PLANS to embankment Intel chips and start regulating a possess processors in Macs from 2020 onward.  So says Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, who has learnt that a beginning – codenamed Kalamata – is in a “early developmental stages”, though has already been authorized by executives during a company. The news says that Apple could boat computers formed on a ... Read More »

Intel’s ‘most powerful’ six-core Core i9 chips are entrance to laptops

INTEL HAS UNCOVERED laptop versions of a top-end Core i9 processors, that make use of a chipmaker’s eighth-generation Coffee Lake architecture. The Intel Core i9-8950HK comes sporting 6 cores and 12 threads and can strike time speeds of adult to 4.8GHz when boosted, earnest some critical opening in a chip suitable for laptops. Intel is earnest a 29 per cent ... Read More »

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