Thursday , 21 September 2017
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Intel reportedly delays 10nm Cannon Lake CPUs until late-2018

CHIPMAKER Intel has reportedly behind a much-hyped 10nm ‘Cannon Lake’ CPUs until a finish of 2018. Despite confirming not that prolonged ago that a initial 10nm chips would absolutely, really uncover adult in PCs by a finish of this year, Intel is pronounced to have delayed a attainment of Cannon Lake for a third time, with a new chips now approaching ... Read More »

Intel launches 8th-gen CPUs for laptops, claims 40 per cent opening boost

CHIPMAKER Intel has denounced a 8th-gen Core processor lineup, that confusingly isn’t formed on the firm’s much-touted ‘Coffee Lake’ architecture.  Instead, Intel’s new 15W Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs arrive as a “Kaby Lake refresh”, according to a firm, with Coffee Lake processors – that will take aim during workstation and fan inclination – set to launch after this ... Read More »

Wireless sanatorium syringe pumps can be hacked

THE ICS-CERT, one of those organisations that lights a glow underneath confidence threats, has put one out about a certain kind of sanatorium syringe that could be hacked and done to spin off or something. The warning concerns the Smiths Medical Medfusion 4000 Wireless Syringe Infusion Pump, though as CERT says, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is not guaranteeing ... Read More »

Trump blocks Chinese takeover of US chip company

ELECTED PRESIDENT Donald Trump has acted to forestall a sale of a US semiconductor association to a Chinese income organisation and got his way, as he has for what contingency have been many of his life. Lattice Semiconductor and Canyon Bridge Capital Partners were due to tie a business tangle until Trump remembered that he wanted to make America good and ... Read More »

Russian-linked hackers ‘penetrate energy grid networks in a US and Europe’

SECURITY OUTFIT Symantec has claimed that Russian-linked hackers have targeted and successfully penetrated a appetite grid networks in a US and Europe. The attacks bear a hallmarks of a hacking organization that Symantec calls Dragonfly, that a association believes is a front for a state-led hacking operation. The association pragmatic – though didn’t categorically state – that Dragonfly is connected ... Read More »

Intel is discontinuing the 6th-gen Skylake CPU lineup

CHIPMAKER Intel has announced skeleton to retire a 6th-generation Skylake processors, divulgence finish of life dates for the Core i7-6700K, i5-6600K, i5-620P, and i3-6098P CPUs.  In a Product Change Notification (PDF warning) published this week, Intel has warned that a Skylake CPU lineup has entered what it calls a ‘product stopping programme support’. The chips aren’t going to disappear from shelves only yet, ... Read More »

AMD Threadripper was grown by engineers in their gangling time

AMD’S HIGH-END THREADRIPPER CPUs weren’t creatively partial of a company’s chip strategy, though a ‘skunkworks’ plan implemented by AMD engineers in their gangling time. That’s according to Forbes, formed on interviews with AMD staff operative on a Ryzen project. “It’s not unequivocally a story of roadmaps and long-term formulation or outrageous RD budgets – it’s a lot some-more personal than ... Read More »

Huawei’s Kirin 970 SoC paves approach for on-device AI capabilities

CHINESE PHONE MAKER Huawei has denounced a Kirin 970 SoC, a initial homegrown mobile processor to container a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU).  The flagship processor, that has been designed by Huawei’s HiSilicon chip pattern business and made by TSMC, will pave a approach for a “future of smartphones”, according to a firm.  The Kirin 970 allows for local AI ... Read More »

FBI wants private zone firms to embankment Kaspersky software

THE FBI IS REPORTEDLY URGING companies in a private zone to stop regulating Kaspersky program as it is “an unsuitable hazard to inhabitant security”. However, in a matter to the INQUIRER, Kaspersky roundly deserted a claims carried in media over a weekend, and asserted that it “doesn’t have inapt ties with any government”. The FBI briefings have been regulating given a ... Read More »

Intel during IFA: desktop-class eighth-gen processors entrance this year

IT WASN’T prolonged after we arrived during IFA that Intel shepherded us to a initial press event, where a association waxed musical on a long-touted eighth-generation architecture. While a new design was not benefaction (these new processors are a ‘Kaby Lake refresh’ with an design called 14nm+, rather than Coffee Lake’s 10nm), Intel was penetrating to pull a 40 per ... Read More »

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