Saturday , 22 September 2018
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Report: Dell offering EMC nearly $30 per share in rumored takeover

The rumored merger (or takeover) between Dell and EMC is heating up just before the weekend. see also Dell buying giant EMC – or vice versa? Read More The latest turn of events finds Dell giving EMC an offer it might not be able to refuse: nearly $30 per share, rounding out to a nearly $50 billion deal, according to ... Read More »

From robotics to analytics, why NASA is offering startups over 1,000 patents for ‘free’

The technology areas in NASA’s roadmap for the next 20 years, many of which have patents it will donate to startups. Image: NASA US space agency NASA is offering startups a license to 15 categories of patented NASA technologies for free. The move follows Google’s offer earlier this year of ‘free’ patents to select startups – and it could be ... Read More »

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