Wednesday , 18 July 2018
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Big Data

Review: Microsoft takes on TensorFlow

Like Google, Microsoft has been differentiating its products by adding machine learning features. In the case of Cortana, those features are speech recognition and language parsing. In the case of Bing, speech recognition and language parsing are joined by image recognition. Google’s underlying machine learning technology is TensorFlow. Microsoft’s is the Cognitive Toolkit.  Both TensorFlow and Cognitive Toolkit have been ... Read More »

Is Trump’s unexpected victory a failure for big data? Not really

Most election prediction shops and public polls in recent days foresaw Republican Donald Trump losing the U.S. presidential race to Democrat Hillary Clinton. They got it wrong, bigly. And the failed predictions could cast doubts on some hot technology sectors, including big data and customer relationship management. Not so fast, say some data experts. The problem with the polls and ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Tech skills earning the highest cash premiums — no certification required

[Author’s Note: This is the first of a series of columns that will reveal the highest paying and fastest growing certified and noncertified tech skills right now.] Why would an employer pay its tech workers extra cash for a skill or certification if they’re already getting a salary and annual bonus? There are a dozen good reasons why, and they ... Read More »

ZoneSavvy taps big data to help SMBs find best sites for businesses

Location, location, location: As the old joke goes, those are the three keys to business success. Now, with big data analysis, corporations can be smarter than ever before about where to open up new offices or businesses. But what if you run a mom-and-pop shop, or you’re dreaming of quitting your corporate job and opening a boutique? Even medium-size businesses ... Read More »

Will A.I. usher in a new era of hacking?

It may take several years or even decades, but hackers won’t necessarily always be human. Artificial intelligence — a technology that also promises to revolutionize cybersecurity — could one day become the go-to hacking tool.   Organizers of the Cyber Grand Challenge, a contest sponsored by the U.S. defense agency DARPA, gave a glimpse of the power of AI during their ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Ransomware takes a nasty turn

By Sandra Henry-Stocker | Unix Dweeb |Follow Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Splunk goes down-market and leverages AWS’ market dominance

Anyone who spends any reasonable amount of time perusing technology blogs will be well aware that this week sees Amazon Web Services holding its annual re:Invent event in Las Vegas. The event, which has become a “must attend” for most technology journalists and analysts (not to mention customers, partners and, often, competitors), sees tens of thousands of individuals descend upon ... Read More »

Get started with Azure Machine Learning

Machine learning is fast becoming the go-to predictive paradigm for data scientists and developers alike. Of the many tools available for tapping neural networks, Microsoft’s Azure ML Studio offers a quick learning curve that won’t take deep data or coding chops to get up and running. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio is a cloud service for performing value prediction (regression), ... Read More »

Uber to provide anonymized data to city officials

Uber Technologies is offering data from trips on its ride-hailing platform to city officials, planners and policymakers to help them better understand traffic patterns and improve investments in infrastructure. The move will likely win Uber goodwill with city officials, even as the company has resisted other bids for data by some cities. New York, for example, wants to collect trip ... Read More »

Tech luminaries team up on $27M A.I. ethics fund

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming an increasingly large part of our daily lives. While those developments have led to compelling new features, they’ve also presented a host of potential problems, such as automation that displaces human jobs and algorithms that provide biased results. Now, a team of philanthropists and tech luminaries have put together a fund that’s aimed at bringing ... Read More »

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