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Big Data

IDG Contributor Network: Growing a IoT: Chaos vs. Curation

The Internet of Things is here, and expanding during a towering rate. Many devices, existent and new, are being propitious with sensors that yield information used in their operation, augmenting accuracy, potency and altogether usefulness. We Get It. IoT Everywhere. But what about where all of this information goes?  First comes chaos Having all possible lucent information around wirelessly seems ... Read More »

Read CW’s Feb 2016 digital magazine!

Register to download a Computerworld Digital Magazine! In a Feb 2016 issue: Transformation That’s All About a Customer Victo Ngai The new re-engineering is unconstrained — only like patron demands. Smart companies are training to greatfully business one during a time, all of a time. Big Data to a Rescue Humanitarian groups, including those that assistance refugees, are regulating large ... Read More »

When large information gets too big, this machine-learning algorithm might be a answer

Big information might reason a star of untapped potential, though what happens when your information set is bigger than your estimate energy can handle? A new algorithm that taps quantum computing might be means to help. That’s according to researchers from MIT, a University of Waterloo and a University of Southern California who published a paper Monday describing a new ... Read More »

Open source is a ‘new normal’ for large data

It’s no tip that Hadoop and Apache Spark are a hottest technologies in large data, though what’s reduction mostly remarked on is that they’re both open-source. Mike Tuchen, a former Microsoft executive who is now CEO of big-data businessman Talend, thinks that’s no coincidence. “We’re saying a changing of a guard,” he said. “We design a whole next-generation information height ... Read More »

Why ‘data scientist’ is this year’s hottest job

It’s important adequate that tighten to half of a 25 “best jobs in America” named by recruiting site Glassdoor this week are tech-related, though even some-more distinguished is a fact that “data scientist” tops a list. With some-more than 1,700 active pursuit openings on a site progressing this month and a median bottom income of $116,840, information scientist also garnered ... Read More »

Data scientists have a hottest pursuit in America

A news expelled currently by Glassdoor says that information scientists have a best jobs in a U.S., according to that company’s investigate of a outsized database of pursuit information. With a median bottom income of $116,840, some-more than 1,700 pursuit openings on Glassdoor’s site, and a user-provided career opportunities rating of 4.1, “data scientist” took a esteem for many rarely ... Read More »

How to distinction from your company’s ‘data streams’

Companies could emanate new, revenue-generating services from a “data streams” they produce, though it requires a data-savvy enlightenment and new skills, according to investigate upheld by a Society for Information Management’s Advanced Practices Council. Unlike classical big-data applications, information streams are real-time flows of digital information thrown off by sensors or other events. Companies can benefit value and rival advantage ... Read More »

Test your Super Bowl picks with this new machine-learning prophecy tool

There’s been no finish in steer to a allege of appurtenance training into a universe of enterprise software, though this week a new online apparatus debuted for a purpose of ideal fun: presaging a leader of a Super Bowl. Built on WS02’s open-source Machine Learner record for predictive information analysis, BigDataGame uses Apache Spark and random forest retrogression to review ... Read More »

IDG Contributor Network: Are we a ‘human sensor platform’?

It started with Web-based amicable media. We became smitten with pity and joining around Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn. Those platforms and others migrated as apps to a now-indispensable smartphones and tablets. This was a commencement of us apropos “sensor platforms” as a information being culled from a websites and apps became ever some-more worldly and deep. And we’ve all finished ... Read More »

Microsoft offers developers giveaway collection for the R programming denunciation software

Microsoft is giving developers and students a giveaway moment during a new server module for a R programming language.  [ Want to learn R? Download a giveaway Basic Guide to R ] In a post to a company’s Machine Learning blog, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joseph Sirosh announced a new Microsoft R Server for Developers, that offers a giveaway chronicle ... Read More »

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