Saturday , 22 September 2018
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Is Xbox One finally getting Office 365?

Microsoft is finally beginning to make the right noises about including the neglected Xbox One in its overriding “vision” for Windows 10, if a certain product manager is to be believed. As we already know, Microsoft will indeed be running a single operating system on all its Windows devices – including phones, and Xbox One. A huge November update, which ... Read More »

Vitality picks Atos in £9m end-user technology deal

Vitality, the health and life insurance provider, has signed a £9m contract with French IT services firm Atos, for the provision of end-user technology and telephony for the company. Vitality has two brands under its umbrella, VitalityHealth and VitalityLife, which were called PruHealth and PruProtect prior to being acquired by Discovery in 2014. Atos claimed that it had worked alongside ... Read More »

General Electric goes to the cloud with enough tech to handle big data from jet engines

General Electric, the world’s fourth largest company, has announced plans to embrace the cloud and big data with its Predix Cloud product. The venerable energy firm, formed in 1892 after a merger between Thomas Edison’s Edison General Electric Company and the Thomson-Houston Electric Company, now produces over 30 per cent of the world’s power. But as Bill Ruh, GE’s VP ... Read More »

Samsung proposes ‘space internet’ of 4,600 orbital satellites for global, cheap web access

Samsung has put forward plans for a “space internet”, consisting of 4,600 low earth orbit (LEO) micro-satellites with a capacity of one zetabyte per month of data for the entire planet. The system, it adds, would scale to terabits-per-second data rates for “ground-based local area and wide-area wireless access, wireless backhaul, and for access via unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites”. ... Read More »

‘Discovery to implementation’ in 10 months as Imperial College chooses Infinity for colo

Paul Jennings, head of ICT service operations at Imperial College London, is busy migrating the institution’s on-site data centre to a co-location scheme with data centre provider Infinity. “Both of our data centres were on the same campus, which clearly isn’t ideal from a resilience and high availability perspective,” admits Jennings. “The college has been looking at the strategy for ... Read More »

Microsoft has quietly made its own version of Linux and it’s called Azure Cloud Switch

Microsoft has gone and built its own version of Linux, although it’s for data centre networking and is being called the Azure Cloud Switch (ACS). ACS is what Microsoft is calling the company’s first “foray into building our own software for running network devices like switches”. A cross-platform modular operating system, it’s built on Linux which allows, says Azure Networking ... Read More »

The cost of colo goes up year by year, but hosting on-premise contains hidden costs says Coreix

Top Tech stories this week: Paypal’s global glitch, Safe Harbour and Surface Pro 4 Read More »

Working closely with CFO on data centre relocation was ‘extremely positive’ experience says Imperial College ICT chief

Working closely with the CFO resulted in a data centre relocation project that not only proved value for money, but also affirmed best practice and positive business impacts at an early stage, Imperial College’s head of ICT operations told delegates at Computing‘s Data Centre and Infrastructure Summit 2015 today. As Paul Jennings told Computing in our interview a few weeks ... Read More »

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