Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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Apple Highlights Relationship With IBM In Business Site Makeover

Apple launched a redesigned version of its Mac in Business site this week as its adore event with IBM continued to develop. As a name implies, a site showcases Apple’s enterprise acumen and a new pattern focuses on Apple’s strengths in business. The altogether site highlights a kinds of things you would design in an Apple selling square like the symbiotic attribute between Apple module and hardware and a approach Macs, iPhone ... Read More »

Hewlett-Packard paid no Australian taxation notwithstanding creation AU$3.1b in 2014

While Hewlett-Packard South Pacific warranted usually over AU$3.1 billion during a 2013-14 income year, it did not compensate any tax, a Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has suggested in a corporate taxation clarity report detailing a revenue, taxable incomes, and taxation payable of 1,539 Australian and unfamiliar open entities, as good as unfamiliar private entities. Globally, during HP’s second entertain earnings ... Read More »

34 best iPhone 6 cases & iPhone 6s cases

Best iPhone 6 iPhone 6s cases: Apple iPhone cases If you’ve only bought an iPhone 6, or are looking to buy a new iPhone 6s when it becomes accessible after this month, it’s value investing in a box to strengthen your smartphone from bumps and scratches. Here, we turn adult 34 of a best iPhone 6 cases and best iPhone 6s cases we’ve seen. ... Read More »

Apple Continues To Showcase Its Own Apps In The App Store’s Top Charts

It seems Apple is stability to use the App Store’s “Top Charts” territory to promote its possess applications, by allowing apps like iMovie and those from a iWork apartment to seem in a Top 10 Free apps on users’ iPhones. This gives a coming that Apple’s own apps among a many renouned and most-downloaded in a U.S. App Store – even some-more popular than apps like Facebook or ... Read More »

Apple’s iPhone Live Photos Now Work On Tumblr

If you’re a Tumblr user who happens to have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, currently is your propitious day. The Tumblr group dropped an refurbish that includes support for both 3D Touch and Live Photo. The Live Photo bit is super engaging since Tumblr is a place where GIFs and charcterised images tend to get common and re-shared during flattering ... Read More »

Apple shoves annoyingly assertive popup ads for iPhone 6s into iOS App Store app

If we use an iPhone 5s or comparison and have upgraded to iOS 9.2 afterwards get prepared to be angry with ads for a iPhone 6s when we use a App Store app. Yes, Apple is now promotion a newest iPhone on comparison iPhones. The emanate was first reported on Twitter [NSFW] and has been exclusively accurate by ZDNet. The ... Read More »

Best gifts for iPhone users: Best iPhone accessories for Christmas

If your bill can’t widen to a Apple Watch, because not cruise another form of wearable tech like an activity tracker such as a Fitbit Charge HR, that now sits during a tip of a activity tracker chart. It offers real-time aptness stats on your wrist and can lane your heart rate, too. It has an RRP of £119, though ... Read More »

Hands On With Apple’s $99 Smart Battery Case

In a sincerely uncharacteristic move, Apple launched a new product today with small to no fanfare. Called a Smart Battery Case, it’s a $99 hang for a iPhone 6 and 6s meant to contest with a likes of a Mophie Juice Pack. Looking for a battery case? Wondering if a value creation a burst from one you’ve already got? Here ... Read More »

Inside Apple’s ugliest product

iFixit iFixit called it “Jony Ive’s misfortune nightmare,” though they still tore down Apple’s new Smart Battery Case to see what’s inside. As we competence expect, Apple doesn’t pattern we to wish to get into a courage of this box and so they’ve not done repairability a high priority. However, after some hacking and bark divided during a microfiber lining, ... Read More »

Fitbit, Apple And Xiaomi Are The World’s Top Wearables Vendors, Says IDC

Xiaomi is a world’s No. 3 wearables businessman behind Fitbit and Apple, according to a new news from IDC that looked during conveyance volume in a third entertain of 2015. This might come as a warn unless we live in China, where 97 percent of Xiaomi’s wearable gadgets, like a Mi Band, are shipped, though a association has indeed ranked in ... Read More »

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