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"Siri, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!"

Before “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” We’ve seen those ads for years, often telling jokes about them. Truth is, many of us have agonized for a long time about elderly parents or other family members who might find themselves in that situation. A freak accident happened to me recently that makes me realize the Apple Watch is ... Read More »

How to reset an iPhone or iPad

Whether you’re selling your iPhone or taking it for repair you should reset it to delete your accounts – including your Apple ID, Facebook, ebay, email and other accounts – and remove all your content including apps, photos and music. Here’s how to reset an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to factory settings. See also: How to set any song ... Read More »

Apple Hires Top Augmented/Virtual Reality Researcher

With all of the declarations of augmented reality and virtual reality’s inevitable ascents to the heights of technological cruciality, Apple has managed to stay noticeably quiet on the topic. This has led to any VR/AR movement on their end being quite notable. According to a report from the Financial Times, Apple just hired a top AR/VR specialist to join their team. Doug Bowman, a ... Read More »

iPhone 7/6c/5se: What can Apple reinvent this time around?

Officially, we know nothing about the next iPhone. For all we know Apple might have decided that the iPhone 6s is as good as it gets and decided to pull the plug on making any more (yeah, I know, that’s probably the least likely thing that could happen). But there’s plenty of rumors and speculation flying around. Some of it ... Read More »

What’s the fastest phone 2016 UK?

Which smartphone to buy is a highly personal choice: If you’re after the fastest phone or the best phone for games or web browsing the answers you need are in our benchmark results. Here we break down the processor-, graphics- and web performance results of each smartphone to find out what’s the fastest smartphone 2016 UK. Also see: Best sounding phone ... Read More »

Apple Has A New Apple TV Ad, And It’s All About Apps

Apple has released a new TV spot for the Apple TV. Compared to previous ads that were focused on content, this time, it’s about apps and the Apple TV App Store. This is interesting for a few reasons. Apple has used the app angle when it first introduced the new Apple TV. But does a TV App Store make sense? ... Read More »

Is the iPhone just too darn expensive?

Every year Apple changes a lot of things about the iPhone. Over the years we’ve seen it get thinner, lighter, faster, and better. But there’s one aspect of the iPhone that Apple seems to be unwilling to reinvent, and that’s the price. A brand new, unlocked, hot-off-the-production-line 16GB iPhone 6s costs $649. Back in 2011, a brand new, unlocked, hot-off-the-production-line ... Read More »

When does The Walking Dead come back & how to watch Season 6 Episode 9

Popular zombie-apocalypse drama The Walking Dead will soon return to our TV screens for the second half of season 6. Here’s how to watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9 in the UK. Also see: How to watch US Netflix in the UK. Like all popular TV series and films there will almost certainly be people uploading The Walking ... Read More »

Can cold weather kill your phone?

It’s freezing cold outside, and it’s important that you keep those closest to you warm and dry. No, not your partner, your child or your pet – you need to look after your smartphone. With some worrying that their phones are going to die as a result of the cold weather, we look at the effects of extreme temperatures on smartphone batteries. Can ... Read More »

Apple to raise price of mobile apps, in-app purchases in the next 72 hours

Apple is set to increase the price of mobile applications and in-app purchases in response to currency fluctuations. In an email sent to iOS app developers, the iPhone and iPad maker said the company sometimes needs to update and tweak the price of applications hosted by the App Store. Within the next 72 hours, the price of mobile apps and ... Read More »

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