Monday , 19 March 2018
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People are trolling iPhone users with a ‘killer symbol’ that crashes their apps

Surprise! Assorted jerks on a internet have weaponized a Unicode-based bug we reported yesterday to insta-crash apps regulating on an iPhone or a Mac. The outcome is somewhere between a aged Alt + F4 pretence and a book kiddie stunt, and it ranges from being irritating to digest a device unusable, depending on a persistence of a troll. The bug causes ... Read More »

Apple HomePod review: Leaves a mark though not a clever impression

As intelligent speakers go, Apple’s HomePod is late to a party. CIO Strategies Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant are customarily a beginning: Voice is a future Four ways to try a use of voice record for your business. Read More Not customarily did a association skip a strange launch date by a integrate of months, yet Google and Amazon ... Read More »

Apple is building a scripted basketball uncover desirous by Kevin Durant’s life

The Warriors are now atop a Western Conference standings, nonetheless from a looks of it, Kevin Durant is moulding adult to be each bit as  in direct off a court. Roughly a month ago, YouTube announced that it was partnering with a star tiny forward’s video business to offer adult strange sports programming. Now Apple’s removing in on a action. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S9: Speed tests uncover Snapdragon 845 will shell 2017 flagships

The Snapdragon 845 came out during slightest 25 percent faster than a Snapdragon 835 in 8 out of 12 tests. Image: Qualcomm This year’s flagship phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 demeanour set to be fast, formed on preview benchmarking tests of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 chipset. ZDNet’s sister site CNET got a possibility to exam a Snapdragon 845 on a ... Read More »

There’s no App Store ’emoji apocalypse,’ only unsuitable process enforcement

A series of iOS app developers have been mystified by a new call of app rejections associated to their use of Apple’s emojis. They’ve suspected that a new App Store crackdown is underway. However, a organisation hasn’t altered a process on Apple emoji use in apps, nor a enforcement, according to sources informed with a App Store examination team’s processes. The ... Read More »

Will a new iPhone battery unequivocally speed adult your device? There’s an app for that

Video: How to check if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced Late final year it came to light that Apple has enclosed formula in a iOS handling complement that throttles a opening of iPhones if a battery is arrangement signs of wear. The good news is that Apple will lift out a battery barter for $29, though how do ... Read More »

Apple continues to browbeat a inscription marketplace as sales decrease once again

Bitcoin and crypto aren’t a usually things on a decline, sales of inscription inclination once again forsaken in 2017, according to new data. Figures from researcher organisation IDC uncover that altogether inscription shipments fell by 6.5 percent to 163.5 million units final year. That’s down from 174.9 million in 2016, when a annual diminution was in double digits. Despite perfectionist descending ... Read More »

Apple, Cisco partnership expands with cybersecurity word offering

(Image: Apple) Apple and Cisco announced Monday that they’re partnering adult with insurer Allianz and risk evaluator Aon to offer discounts on cyber word to corner business customers. techrepublic NFL’s new tip arms for training world-class athletes: Smart beds The National Football League is teaming adult with Sleep Number to assistance a players use large information and appurtenance training to ... Read More »

A roving frog exposes concerns within Apple’s Chinese App Store

An app about a frog that likes to transport has unprotected worrying signs that Apple isn’t doing adequate to forestall feign apps from entering a App Store in China, a world’s largest smartphone marketplace and Apple’s singular largest nation for app revenue. The story centers around ‘Tabi Kaeru’ — or ‘Travel Frog’ — a Japanese app that has turn an ... Read More »

8 things we need to know about Apple (Q1 2018 edition)

Video: Apple’s outrageous investment devise in a US bigger than Denmark’s economy While Apple’s gain report is where we get a tender contribution about how a association is doing, there can be some genuine nuggets of information buried in a follow-up discussion call. See also: How to tell if your iPhone battery needs replacing Here are 8 new things we ... Read More »

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