Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Android 8.1 can now arrangement Wi-Fi speeds before connecting

Oreo was a bit of a muted refurbish on initial launch, though a mobile handling complement is removing some good new tricks with 8.1’s updates. The new Speed Labels underline is one of a some-more constrained of a bunch, charity estimated network signals before to logging on. Starting this week, users with 8.1 commissioned will see one of 4 qualifiers ... Read More »

Telstra delivery network hits 400Gbps

Ericsson has announced achieving speeds of 400Gbps opposite Telstra’s delivery network in Melbourne in partnership with telecommunications apparatus and module provider Ciena. The demonstration, that done use of 61.5GHz spectrum, constituted a top ever bright potency per twine span in a live environment of 30.4Tbps. The prior record was 25.6Tbps, according to a companies. Telstra deployed Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai modem ... Read More »

Amazon brings voice control to the Alexa app for Android, with iOS entrance soon

Amazon’s delayed pull into mobile is removing a lot some-more genuine this morning with a further of voice formation into a Android app for Alexa. Up to now, a app has been small some-more than a approach to conduct settings for a Echo and other intelligent home inclination built around a intelligent assistant. The further of voice commands means users ... Read More »

Telstra backs dual some-more subsea cables

The dual new subsea wire systems (Image: Telstra) Telstra has announced investing in dual new Pacific submarine wire systems joining Hong Kong with a West Coast of a United States, that a telco pronounced would broach reduce latency than a now used Asia-America Gateway (AAG). The new Hong Kong Americas (HKA) subsea wire will land in both Morro Bay and ... Read More »

HQ Trivia arrives on Android in Canada in beta

App-based trivia sensation HQ Trivia is on its way to Android, as the company previously revealed, but a special group of users can access it right now — Canadians. The app is now live in the Canadian Google Play Store, though it’s an “Unreleased” beta version of the live trivia game (via MobileSyrup). HQ Trivia debuted on iOS earlier this ... Read More »

HTC U11+ review: 6-inch screen, vast battery, good waterproofing

HTC now has 3 handsets in a U11 range: a strange 5.5-inch HTC U11, that we favourite a lot, a affordable 5.2-inch HTC U11 Life, and a top-end 6-inch HTC U11+. Does this latest flagship indication offer adequate to clear a large cost tag? The HTC U11+ shares a predecessor’s mirrored finish during a back, that has a mesmeric ability ... Read More »

HQ Trivia Is Coming to Android | Crunch Report

Hi! You are about to activate a Facebook Messenger news bot. Once subscribed, a bot will send we a digest of trending stories once a day. You can also customize a forms of stories it sends you. Click on a symbol next to allow and wait for a new Facebook summary from a TC Messenger news bot. Thanks, TC Team Read More »

CES 2018: Garmin Speak Plus announced with lurch cam and Amazon Alexa integration

Video: CES 2018: 3 themes to watch Garmin GPS inclination have been used in cars for a prolonged time and a new Garmin Speak Plus takes a in-car knowledge to a subsequent level. Amazon Alexa formation provides voice control for music, news briefings, sports scores, GPS navigation, and more. The lurch cam adds facilities to any automobile that might be ... Read More »

The 4 best giveaway business apps you’re not using

ZDNet’s Business Bargain Hunter scours a web for good deals on computers, phones, services and many more. Prices and accessibility are accurate during a time deals are shared. Some products and services might not be accessible outward a U.S. Follow BBH on Facebook and Twitter, where he’s famous as The Cheapskate. Scannable can tell when your request is in perspective ... Read More »

WICASTR brings information to a edge

Content placement is hard. You wish to keep adequate of it tighten adequate to favorite business so they don’t have to wait and revoke latency for new data. That’s because WICASTR combined a SMART Edge Platform, a complement for promulgation calm to a really edges of a network, including concordant internal routers and entrance points. “WICASTR is an ‘all in ... Read More »

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