Monday , 18 December 2017
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Motorola Moto 360 Sport recover date, cost and specs

In Berlin Motorola has announced not one though dual new smartwatches to reinstate a strange Moto 360. Here’s what we know about a stirring Moto 360 Sport including recover date, cost and specs. See also: The best smartwatches of 2015. The organisation says it’s been “designed to give a training information we need though carrying to move your phone on ... Read More »

YouTube Adds Support For VR Video To Its Android App

Google’s YouTube app for Android now supports practical existence (VR) video in multiple with a Cardboard VR viewer. VR video takes a 360-degree videos we might already be informed with a step serve by using VR techniques like stereopsis and binocular disparity to give we a stronger feeling of soak (which is what VR is all about, after all). “VR video gives we ... Read More »

The best maths apps for children

There are some good educational apps accessible for a iPad and iPhone, though how on earth do we make Maths fun? [Updated Jul 13, 2015.] Maths is boring, right? Well, actually, no. But a approach many of us are taught maths positively can be dull. To get to grips with maths we need to master a basics, and that means ... Read More »

Microsoft delivers Windows 10 Mobile Cumulative Update preview to testers

Microsoft has done accessible a initial Cumulative Update to a version of a Windows 10 Mobile handling system it delivered in November. Microsoft delivered a update, that it is job 10586.29, a dusk of Dec 4. Microsoft officials are referring to a refurbish as a Cumulative Update, rather than a standard preview build. What’s in 10586.29? According to Windows Insider ... Read More »

HTC Petra (aka HTC One Wear) UK recover date, cost and specs rumours

HTC has prolonged been rumoured to be building a smartwatch, formerly famous as a HTC One Wear and now famous as a Petra. HTC has launched a initial wearable during MWC, yet a HTC Grip is not a smartwatch. He we turn adult a HTC Petra UK recover date, cost and specs rumours. Also see: Best smartwatches 2015. Since we began this article, ... Read More »

The Tag Heuer Watch Is Google’s Best Effort To Get Wearables Over The Luxury Hump

If we weren’t bustling celebration coffee or staring out a window yesterday we could have seen Tag Heuer launch their new Android Wear device, a Carrera Connected. The watch has a vast titanium box and good transparent and contains an Android Wear device combined privately for Tag by Intel and Google. In all it’s an engaging proposition: a $1,500 Tag ... Read More »

2015: Best Android tablets for work and play

With 2015 sketch to a close, let’s take a demeanour during what are a really best Android now on offer. And what an extraordinary year it has been for Android tablets. I’ve strong all a manufacturers and models accessible down to 7 tablets from Sony, Google, Nvidia, Amazon, Dell and Samsung that we consider are a really best tablets now ... Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse best-value activity tracker review

You will not find an activity tracker that offers softened value than Xiaomi’s Mi Band Pulse. We put a upgraded Mi Band to a exam in a Xiaomi Mi Band 1S review. Also see: Best activity trackers 2015/2016. Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse review: Price and UK availability The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is some-more ordinarily famous as a Mi Band ... Read More »

How Tech Titans Know To Pull The Plug On Projects

Not each new thought is unfailing to be great. Sometimes even a many earnest concepts finish adult in a throw pile. You substantially never listened about Google Here, though a plan was so large that Alphabet CEO Larry Page himself made a final decision to desert it. Aimed during smartphone users, Here would have authorised companies to correlate with users by location. ... Read More »

Best Cyber Monday 2015 UK tech deals live

Cyber Monday is one of a best times to squeeze some extraordinary tech deals. Here we explain what is and when is Cyber Monday 2015, and where we can get a unequivocally best Cyber Monday deals in a UK. Plus, review a Cyber Monday charity advice. If we like a bargain, afterwards you’ve come to a right place. This month, ... Read More »

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