Monday , 11 December 2017
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Evernote 8.0 for iOS: Speed and morality put it behind on my home screen

It’s a new year and to start a year off right, we usually put one of my favorite apps behind on my iPhone 7 Plus home screen. Evernote usually announced a recover of Evernote 8.0 for iOS inclination with a concentration on speed and simplicity. My use of Evernote began almost 11 years ago on a Samsung Q1 UMPC inscription ... Read More »

HTC outs an always listening, dual-screen smartphone with the possess AI assistant

Just when we suspicion HTC might be prepared to hang adult on a smartphone efforts, a Android underdog is branch adult a volume and announcing what it describes as a “new direction” — in a form of a array of smartphones preloaded with a possess AI assistant. While mobile phones were originally a device for articulate to other humans, before smartphones plus touchscreens incited inclination (and ... Read More »

​Google Chrome gets Wayback Machine extension: End to a pain of 404 errors?

The Wayback Machine prolongation for Google Chrome offers an answer to non-functioning URLs. Image: The Internet Archive The Internet Archive has expelled a Wayback Machine prolongation for Chrome that will automatically take users to an archived duplicate when they strike a passed webpage. Once commissioned on Chrome, whenever a couple earnings a 404 blunder summary or ‘page not found’, a ... Read More »

Pokémon GO UK recover date rumours, price, trailer, new sum confirmed

Pokémon is entrance to a real-world with a new Pokémon GO augmented-reality diversion for Android and iPhone and messenger Pokémon GO Plus device. Here’s all there is to know about Pokémon GO and Pokémon GO Plus, including a Pokémon GO UK recover date rumours, cost and gameplay details. Plus: Pokémon GO margin tests starts in Japan. Also see: Pokémon Co-Master recover date, Pokemon ... Read More »

Xiaomi Mi 5 review: Extraordinary value Android phone rivals Galaxy S7

Xiaomi’s phones are singular sightings in a UK, yet a company’s marketplace prevalence in China and increasingly India means many some-more people are starting to hear of Xiaomi. Not strictly sole here, a usually approach you’ll get your hands on one is by unaccepted channels. GearBest granted a Xiaomi Mi 5 for review. Also see: Best phones 2016. The Mi ... Read More »

How to secure Android: 14 tip tips for securing your phone or tablet

Securing your Android phone or Android tablet is some-more concerned than adding a PIN close (although we should positively do that). Here we run by 14 ways we can keep Android secure, from traffic with app permissions to locking down apps, traffic with Android viruses and tracking down a stolen phone. 1. Secure Android: Screen lock Setting adult a shade ... Read More »

How to use Snapchat new features: Filters, Lenses & Chat 2.0

Another Snapchat refurbish has combined new facilities with Chat 2.0. You’ll find new stickers, video notes, audio records and even calls in Chat 2.0, that was expelled on 29 March.  Here’s how to use a new facilities in Snapchat Chat 2.0, as good as lenses, filters, stories and more. If we have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus there’s now ... Read More »

Flux Card energy bank review

Power banks are intensely useful though they can be cumbersome, generally when we also have to lift assorted cables to send that appetite from a bank to your phone. Flux Card is a conflicting of those appetite banks, slim, unstable and with no additional cables compulsory – for iPhone or Android. Also see: Best appetite banks 2016. Flux Card review: UK ... Read More »

How to speed up Android phones and tablets

So you really want a shiny new Android smartphone or tablet but can’t afford one and your current device is getting slow and annoying. Well there are numerous things you can do to improve the situation. Here’s how to speed up Android. Before we begin, every situation involving a slow Android device is going to be different so we’re going ... Read More »

How to change your phone number on WhatsApp (and why you should)

Most of us are pretty familiar with WhatsApp Messenger. You install the app on your phone, verify it with your phone number, then get busy sending free texts and picture messages over Wi-Fi. But you can also make calls using WhatsApp. Or, at least, some of us can. Also see: WhatsApp ban: What you need to know. If you’ve ever ... Read More »

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