Wednesday , 28 June 2017
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Ebay will now compare Amazon’s, Walmart’s and others’ prices on over 50,000 items

As Amazon and Walmart continue their battle to turn a world’s largest retailer, another longtime opposition in a e-commerce business, eBay, is now stepping adult a diversion as well. The association this morning announced a new Price Match Guarantee for over 50,000 equipment opposite a site – earnest that it will have a best understanding online, or it will compare ... Read More »

14 extravagantly prohibited takes we need on this Whole Foods + Amazon thing

Amazon usually bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion — that is a outrageous deal! This is one of a biggest deals of a year and is a large pierce for Amazon into grocery, a mark where it’s traditionally been extremely bad. It also means that Amazon is going to be a outrageous aspirant with other retailers, starting a foodpocalpyse and ... Read More »

Amazon starts charity refunds for unapproved in-app purchases

Were we one of a many relatives astounded to find hundreds of dollars’ value of Smurfberries charged to your label a few years back? Amazon’s lax in-app purchasing standards let kids all over a nation buy coins and crystals to their hearts’ content, something a FTC frowned on. News that refunds would be accessible soon pennyless in April, and a ... Read More »

Alexa adds support for reminders and named timers

One of Alexa’s some-more practical, bland uses is environment timers – useful when cooking, remembering to perform some task, or alerting kids it’s bedtime, among other things. Today, Amazon is improving a timers by permitting users to name their opposite ones. This will make it easier to use mixed timers simultaneously, Amazon says. Plus, given many Alexa business were already ... Read More »

AmazonFresh opens the grocery Pickup locations in Seattle

Amazon has strictly begun handling a AmazonFresh Pickup locations in Seattle, vouchsafing business sequence groceries forward of time and afterwards fast squeeze them on their approach home. The use requires as small as 15 mins allege notice, though any smallest squeeze requirements, and it’s a giveaway use for any Amazon Prime members. Amazon initial suggested Pickup behind in March, though ... Read More »

Amazon adds shoppable stickers to the iOS app

Using stickers to adorn your photos is a common underline found in amicable apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. But today, stickers have started display adult in a some-more startling place: Amazon’s mobile app. Following a new update, Amazon has combined support for stickers within its iOS app’s camera feed – a underline that allows we to hunt for products on ... Read More »

Amazon is assisting to mislay fake arise difference from Alexa’s vocabulary

Amazon’s intelligent partner has gotten flattering good during noticing a possess name (much to a apparent chagrin of many who share it), though that doesn’t make it defence from fake positives. To make Alexa improved during filtering out identical words, Amazon is now introducing a new underline called Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification for third-party manufacturers who have Alexa built into their devices. This ... Read More »

Crunch Report | Amazon Unveils The Amazon Echo Show

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Third parties have always been a pivotal to Amazon’s intelligent home mastery plans

For Amazon, hardware has always been a means to an end. From a Kindle e-reader to a Fire tablets to a TV offerings, a association has always treated a space as something of a detriment personality – even with a many renouned offerings. Amazon has found success in pricing inclination many closer to cost than a foe – something a ... Read More »

Twitch expands subscriptions with new $9.99 & $24.99 tiers for critical fans

Confirming an progressing leak, a Amazon-owned live streaming use Twitch is currently announcing an stretched lineup of subscription offerings, that introduces dual new levels over a strange $4.99 per month plan. Now, Twitch’s partnered calm creators can offer $9.99 and $24.99 subscriptions that will give viewers additional ways to support their favorite creators. The new subscriptions will be accessible as ... Read More »