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Canon Pixma TR8520 Wireless Home Office All-in-One

Introduction, Design Features

If you’re selling for an inexpensive all-in-one (AIO) for your family or home office, we competence have a tough time selecting a best one from so many models. Should it be fast, inexpensive to operate, or have a best imitation quality? Should it be compact, yet still hoop legal-size paper? Should it be concordant with a far-reaching operation of imitation papers? Or maybe we wish some of a document-handling facilities compared with workgroup AIOs? Unfortunately, we can’t have it all, generally if we wish to keep a squeeze cost as low as possible.

That brings us to a Canon Pixma TR8520 Wireless Home Office All-in-One, a company’s deputy for a princely Pixma MX922 Home Office All-in-One. Like a MX922, a TR8520 ($199.99 before an easy-to-find $50 bonus online) emphasizes imitation peculiarity over request handling. And like a MX922, it isn’t a fastest or cheapest to operate. If high speed and low ink costs are some-more critical to we than imitation quality, we competence cruise an AIO that costs some-more or skews some-more toward business needs and high-volume printing.

Canon Pixma TR8520 Home Office All-in-One (Front View Printing)

In a favor, a TR8520 does offer adequate request facilities to make it a good choice where those facilities are indispensable usually occasionally, rather than on a daily basis. It supports a far-reaching operation of tie options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, and PictBridge. And a TR8520 has a 20-sheet involuntary request tributary (ADF), yet a unsentimental use is singular by a inability to auto-duplex your copies and scans.

Also in a favor: a five-color ink cartridge complement with both pigment- and dye-based blacks. Having apart black cartridges can yield improved formula when we switch between plain and imitation paper. The 4.3-inch tone reason shade is another and for photography enthusiasts. You can preview your photos (in possibly JPEG or TIFF format) before selecting that ones to print. Finally, a front and back paper submit slots concede we to concurrently bucket dual opposite forms of paper. You competence have 10 sheets of 5×7-inch imitation paper in a back paper tray, while resting 100 sheets of letter-size plain paper in a front cassette.

All in all, the Pixma TR8520 is a estimable ascent to a MX922. It could be an glorious choice for a family or home bureau that needs some document-handling features, yet is mostly meddlesome in carrying higher imitation quality, generally with graphics and photos.

Canon Pixma TS9120 Wireless All-in-One, a control interface on a Pixma TR8520 is embedded into a row that spans roughly a full breadth of a unit. The organic components are clustered in a middle. There’s a energy symbol and compared indicator light. There’s a tiny fax memory light that illuminates when a TR8520 has fax papers (either perceived or unsent) in memory. And there’s a splendid and easy-to-navigate 4.3-inch tone reason shade that creates this sold indication an glorious collect for non-technical users.

Canon Pixma TR8520 Home Office All-in-One (Control Panel)

Among a vital printer manufacturers, Canon tends to lead a approach with a courteous and streamlined user interfaces that are both elementary and functional. Too often, we have to deliberate a user primer or press an idol to see what it does. The home shade on this menu complement needs no explanation. The 4 vast buttons have both icons and content to prominence a vital functions: Copy, Fax, Scan, and Print. And a 4 smaller buttons don’t need any text, as their delegate functions are self-explanatory. They lead to a wireless, cloud, settings, and assistance functions.

As we would design for an AIO designed for home use, a options and settlement settings miss a kind of worker and plan tracking that companies competence need from a workgroup AIO. In their place, Canon provides a full fast of upkeep routines that can assistance we extend a life and safety a picture peculiarity of a printer. These embody routines to imitation a projection check pattern, purify a nozzles, start a low cleaning of a imitation mechanisms, start an automobile conduct alignment, trigger a drum cleaning, and perform a bottom image cleaning. Any inkjet printer can spin fussy over time, so these kinds of upkeep routines could infer to be valuable.

Setup  Paper Handling

We had no vital issues when environment adult this AIO. First you’ll have to mislay a make-up materials and confining tape. The printed Getting Started beam afterwards instructs we to block in and spin on a printer. From there, we can use a charcterised instructions on a LCD row to step we by a remaining procedures.

After you’ve commissioned a 5 ink cartridges into their color-coded slots, a printer will start a inner initialization process. It will imitation a imitation conduct fixing piece that you’ll need to place onto a scanner potion so a printer can fine-tune a position of a imitation head. You’ll afterwards be means to select a form of tie that you’ll be regulating between a TR8520 and your computer—USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet.

We did strike a slight speed strike during this point. We downloaded a latest drivers and utilities from Canon’s Web site. But when it came time to bond a printer to a Wi-Fi network, a designation program was incompetent to finish a charge since a TR8520 doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi connections. That wouldn’t be a problem with many Wi-Fi routers, yet in this case, a Eero filigree network that we were regulating had automatically configured itself for 5GHz, as against to 2.4GHz, since all a connected inclination were 5GHz compatible.

To Canon’s credit, a designation program suggested that we bond a TR8520 to a mechanism regulating a USB wire so that a Wi-Fi settlement settings could be eliminated directly to a printer. Sure enough, after a postponement for a information to transfer, we were educated to undo a cable. From that indicate on, a Pixma had no problem communicating wirelessly with a Eero network.

The Canon’s paper mandate are comparatively straightforward. Both a back paper tray and front paper cassette can hoop as many as 100 sheets of plain paper during a time. Both can also hoop 10 envelopes during a time. If we wish to use imitation paper, you’ll need to bucket it into a back paper tray, that can hoop as many as 20 sheets of 4×6-inch imitation paper during a time. Alternatively, it can reason 10 sheets of 5×7-inch or 8×10-inch imitation paper.

Canon Pixma TR8520 Home Office All-in-One (Printing Rear Tray)

You competence wish to keep a TR8520 tighten during hand, since a paper outlay tray is small. It can reason usually 50 sheets of plain paper during a time. That series drops to 10 sheets if you’re duplicate on legal-size paper. And if you’re regulating imitation paper, it drops to only 3 sheets—or unequivocally only one, as Canon recommends that we mislay any piece as it prints to equivocate staining or discoloration.

The built-in ADF can reason 20 sheets of plain paper during a time. And while a TR8520 supports programmed dual-sided duplicate (which is good for saving paper), this indication doesn’t support programmed dual-sided duplicating or scanning with a ADF. You’ll have to manually flip a sheets if we wish to duplicate or indicate your dual-sided documents.

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