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Canon Pixma MG3650 review

Canon’s new Pixma MG3650 is an affordable and versatile multifunction inkjet printer for home users – but, as always with low-cost printers, we need to keep an eye on a cost of a deputy ink cartridges.

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Canon Pixma MG3650 review: Price

The £61.99 cost we’ve quoted is – as always – a manufacturer’s endorsed price. However, we can simply find it online, and even in stores, for underneath £50. You can buy it from John Lewis for £49.99, for example, and from Currys for £44.99. It’s accessible in black or white.

The low cost means a MG3650 doesn’t have too many frills. There’s no LCD control screen, for example. There’s only a tiny set of buttons on a top-left dilemma of a printer and a word that springs to mind when we checked build peculiarity was “cheap and cheerful”.

The cover for a scanner section seemed quite groundless and we roughly pulled it off when initial environment adult a printer. It doesn’t even have a correct inner paper tray, instead relying on a tiny cosmetic strap that folds out from a front of a section to support a smoke-stack of adult to 100 sheets of A4 paper. But during slightest that keeps a altogether distance of a printer down, and a MG3650 will simply fit onto a circuitously shelf or table though holding adult too most space.

Canon Pixma MG3650 review: Features

Canon Pixma MG3650 review

There might be no colour shade though we will find all a categorical copy facilities you’re expected to need. Along with a categorical printer, scanner and copier functions, a MG3650 provides both USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with duplex (two-sided) copy and support for Apple’s AirPrint for iOS devices. There are also apps for both iOS and Android that yield additional options for copy photos, as good as a ability to control a scanner and save your scanned images directly onto your mobile devices.

Canon Pixma MG3650 review: Performance

Printing opening is also good for such a low-cost device. Its imitation speeds are comparatively medium – we got 9 pages per notation when copy elementary calm documents, and 5ppm for colour, while a 6x4in postcard imitation took 50 seconds – though that should be excellent for ubiquitous day-to-day use during home. Text and graphics outlay were both good, and a print prints were splendid and colourful, so a MG3650 can positively hoop a far-reaching operation of copy tasks.


Canon Pixma MG3650 review

However, alarm bells started toll as shortly as we saw a distance of Canon’s small ink cartridges. If we emporium around online we can find a customary black ink cartridge on sale for around £11, while a customary tri-colour cartridge – that includes all 3 cyan, magenta and yellow phony inks – comes to about £14. Those prices don’t seem too bad until we learn that a black cartridge lasts for only 180 pages, that works out during only over 6p per page – an astronomical cost for elementary calm printing. Fortunately, a incomparable XL black cartridges yield improved value, costing about £17 for 600 pages. That brings a cost down to 2.8p per page, though even that is still a small above normal for mono printing.

Thankfully, colour copy is some-more reasonable. At £14, a customary tri-colour cartridges gives we a cost of around 7.8p per pence per page, that is sincerely normal for inkjet colour printing. Step adult to a XL cartridge during £18 and a cost falls to a surprisingly reasonable 4.5p per page. Even so, a high cost of Canon’s black ink cartridges is still disappointing. Canon’s rivals have introduced new products such as Epson’s Ecotank printers and HP’s Instant Ink subscriptions, that do a lot to revoke a long-term cost of printing, while Canon seems calm to hang with a normal proceed of offered a printers low and creation large increase on a deputy cartridges.

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