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Brother DCP-J562DW printer review

A compress and versatile home printer, yet injured by Brother’s costly inks and regulating costs. We examination the Brother DCP-J562DW. Also see: Best printers 2015/2016.

Brother DCP-J562DW review: Price and UK availability

You can buy a Brother DCP-J562DW approach from Brother for £103.20 inc VAT (£86 ex VAT). Shop around online and you’ll find it cheaper, though. The Brother costs usually £85.74 during Amazon UK or £85.36 during Printer Base.

Brother DCP-J562DW review: Build and design

Brother’s new DCP-J562DW is a compress inkjet printer that is good matched for use during home, yet a high regulating costs might make we consider twice before buying. See all printer reviews.

The pattern of a DCP-J562DW is utterly attractive, measuring usually 40cm wide, 15cm and 3.5cm deep, so it’ll fit simply onto a table or a circuitously shelf if you’re a bit parsimonious for space during home. Even so, it still manages to fit in a scanner and copier, along with dual apart trays that will reason 100 sheets of A4 paper and 20-sheets of photo-paper. There’s also a primer feed during a behind of a printer for envelopes or other forms of paper. The DCP-J562DW provides both USB and wifi connectivity, along with two-sided (duplex) printing, and also supports Apple’s AirPrint for iOS devices, and Google Cloud Print for remote copy over a Internet.

Brother DCP-J562DW review: Print peculiarity and performance

Print peculiarity is a bit of a churned bag, though. Plain content copy is unequivocally good, with smooth, finely notation characters, and a DCP-J562DW managed a speed of 9.5 pages per notation in a mono copy tests, that isn’t during all bad for a printer costing about £100.00. Also see Printing Advisor.

Colour copy is a bit slower, during around 3.5ppm, yet a peculiarity is ideally adequate for presentations and other forms of graphics documents. However, imitation copy was a small disappointing, even when regulating high-quality silken imitation paper. The DCP-J562DW incited out a 4×6 postcard imitation in a rapid 25 seconds, yet a prints lacked contrariety and a colours looked a small lifeless. We’ve seen improved imitation outlay from many opposition printers in this cost range.

Brother DCP-J562DW review: Running costs

Our biggest concern, though, is with a printer’s regulating costs. The initial thing we beheld when environment adult a DCP-J562DW was that a primer points out that a starter cartridges supposing with a printer have usually 80% of a ability of a customary distance deputy cartridges, that means that it won’t be too prolonged before we have to branch adult for some new cartridges. The customary black ink cartridges cost a large £16.79 and usually final for 260 pages, that comes to some-more than 6p per page. The XL distance black cartridges double a produce to around 550 pages, yet during £22.19 per cartridge that still works out during about 4p per page, that is good above normal for an inkjet printer.

Colour copy is pricey too. The customary cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges cost £9.59 any – £28.77 for all 3 together – and with a same 260-page produce as a black cartridges that comes to 11p per page. Thankfully a XL colour cartridges are a bit some-more affordable during £14.39 any and a ability of 550 pages. That brings a cost down to about 7.5p per page for colour, that is closer to a normal for inkjet printers, yet Brother’s explain that a DCP-J562DW provides “our lowest ever ink prices” doesn’t enthuse confidence. Incidentally, we also beheld that a multi-pack containing all 4 customary ink cartridges indeed costs 3p some-more than shopping a cartridges individually, so Brother unequivocally needs to have a bit of a consider about those ink prices.

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