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British Army recruits Software AG to improve critical information sharing

The British Army has recruited German enterprise technology giant Software AG to help it transform the way it shares critical information for front-line operations.

Software AG will lead a multi-vendor consortium that has been tasked with “improving the Army’s understanding of the readiness of its troops and equipment before any deployment,” according to spokesperson for the firm.

Currently, the British Army relies heavily on legacy technologies, meaning that important data is stored across a range of fragmented systems and databases.

As a result, army officials often experience “long delays” when attempting to access data and make changes to application functionality.

Since joining forces with Software AG, the Army has been working to “decompose large monolithic internal developed applications” in favour of ” loosely coupled services”.

In a move that could help the Army save millions of pounds annually, it has implemented an API (Application Programme Interface) Management platform to govern, monitor, secure and support APIs.

Before selecting Software AG, the Army was in need of a technical solution that could allow it to combine various defence applications to “expose reference data and services”.

According to Software AG, it has created a digital transformation strategy and API management platform capable of connecting key systems. They also work with the army’s legacy infrastructure.

The Army is now using Software AG’s webMethods integration platform and CentraSite, which is an API catalogue and services registry.

This software combines HR, equipment availability, operational readiness, payment of reserves and remote processing automation into one platform.  

Lt Col Dorian Seabrook, head of operations at Army Software House, said: “Without effective data and services, it’s very difficult for planners to understand our forces’ state of readiness, or to create much-needed services for our soldiers.

“We have been very impressed by Software AG from the very beginning: they have a thorough understanding of the challenges we face, and in just three months have delivered a platform which enables us to break down information silos and share information quickly, effectively and, most importantly, securely.

Clive Freedman, head of UK public sector and alliances for Software AG, added: “Like many public-sector organisations, budget cuts mean that the Armed Forces are being asked to do more with less.

“The British Army has looked at how businesses in the private sector are using technologies such as Master Data Management and APIs to improve data sharing and visibility, save money, and boost effectiveness.”

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