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Bristol SMBs benefit 1Gbps ‘full fibre’ network entrance by internal legislature and HNS

Hub Network Services (HNS) is to provide internal Bristol businesses with ultra-fast broadband connections, by an agreement with Bristol City Council. The firms will use a council’s own BNET channel twine (FTTP) network, that covers many of a city.

Almost 80km long, a re-purposed network was creatively owned by wire TV association Rediffusion; Bristol legislature acquired it to run a possess services in a early 00s, such as telephony and CCTV cameras. Commercialisation began in 2015, when a legislature sealed a 20-year corner try agreement with ITS Technology Group and Net Support; underneath a agreement, new ability is rented out to internal firms.

The corner try partners have taken on HNS to offer ultra-fast services by internal ISPs, while also charity 24/7 monitoring and support.

John Volanthen, CEO of HNS, said, “With a already endless footprint, BNET is ideally matched for fast joining businesses of all sizes to a internet, including a many media, selling and program firms in a area with quite vast bandwidth requirements; as good as vast multi-tenant bureau buildings and corporate premises.

“Apart from perfect speed, low latency and low cost, BNET also offers a reliable, entirely upheld and really secure Internet connectivity solution.”

Revenues perceived from a service, that costs around £350 and VAT per month, will go toward appropriation other projects in a city. The legislature also skeleton to extend a network by adult to an additional 96km. No time scale has been supposing for these plans, though. There are now around 60km of new channel in a network, that could be reactivated for such an extension.



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